Algarve History Association Events: May 2022

ALGARVE HISTORY ASSOCIATION EVENTS: MAY 2022Following his presentation on the Muslim invasion of Iberia, Peter Booker will take the story forward from the abolition of the urbane and tolerant Córdoba Caliphate.

Monday 16th May at 18:00 in Tavira Municipal Library, Álvaro de Campos and Tuesday 17th May at 18:00 in Lagoa Municipal Library.

In his second talk entitled The Taifas and the Berber Invasions, he will look at the successor kingdoms, and the time of  religious fundamentalism as Iberia became a part of the Moroccan empires after the later invasions by the African Almoravids and Almohads.  Confusingly, it was also a time when Andalusian poets flourished, and Peter will include surprisingly worldly examples of contemporary poetry.  In his third Islamic presentation in June, Peter will discuss the Algarve´s Islamic inheritance. 

Tuesday 24th May at 18:00 in Lagoa Municipal Library and Friday 27th May at 11:00 in Tavira Municipal Library Álvaro de Campos.

Taking a fresh view on the relationship between Portugal and Brazil, Martin Ebbs makes the first of two presentations entitled Portugal and Brazil, from Discovery to Independence.  In his first talk, Martin shows the territorial acquisitions made by Portugal and the expansion of their colony from the Atlantic to the Andes.  Brazil pioneered social amalgamation and Brazilian prosperity depended on the import of slaves, while other industries emerged under the growing control of the Portuguese imperialist government.  Martin will present his second talk in June

Barely into next month, we are pleased to announce the annual Students´ Concert on Sunday 5th June at 17:00 at Quintinha da Música.  Our concert this year features three youngsters: Richard Rait, Yi Kong Chen and Angelika Ryzhak, all students at the Conservatório in Faro.  They will be playing works by Bach, Chopin, and Liszt; and after the interval Haydn, Costa, Gliere and Brandão.  The Association believes that it is important for these young people to appear in public, and in this way we support their musical development.  The Association is pleased to be identified with and to offer continuing support to the Conservatório at Faro.


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