'Art On This Field' Exhibition - opens June 21st

'Art On This Field' ExhibitionThe 'Art On This Field' Exhibition opened on the Summer Solstice, June 21st. 

Swiss artist, Silvia Cavelti is hosting the exhibition in her Olive Grove, just outside Loulé.

'Art On This Field' ExhibitionAlgarve artists Jessica Dunn, Mary Hurst, Peter de Jong and Jutta Mertens-Kammler and BJ Boulter will all be exhibiting works alongside Silvia.

The exhibition is open every day until 15th July from 9am until dusk.

The location is HERE. 

A mobile number is on the gateway should the visitors like to be met and and guided.
Otherwise just drive through the entrance - pictured, and follow the signs to park and stroll. 





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