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Moving to Portugal Show 2023 - March 23rd, London

MOVING TO PORTUGAL SHOW 2023 - MARCH 23RD, LONDONThe Time Is Now: If you are considering starting a new life in the sunshine, there has never been a better time to do so than NOW!

Make sure you get a detailed understanding of how and where to relocate in Portugal by getting the very best information.  The Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK can give you the latest independent, up to date advice on every aspect of your move. 

On the 23rd of March, the Chamber’s Moving to Portugal Show and Seminars will take place at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel in Central London.

For many years, Portugal has found favour as a top retirement destination - but now it is also increasingly regarded as a great place to work remotely. With an affordable cost of living, friendly locals, beautiful landscapes and significant tax benefits; the only question is … “When will you move to Portugal?


Moving to Portugal is organised by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK and is the only UK event that focuses solely on Portuguese property and lifestyle.
Our show opens at 11 am and closes at 9 pm. There are two main seminar sessions, the first in the morning at 11.30am and the second (repeated) is in the evening after work at 6.30pm.
We are open all day, so before and after each seminar session, and during the afternoon, you will have time to chat with our 15+ event partners, seminar speakers and exhibitors, all of whom are Chamber members and who have been handpicked by us to cover all the key issues you want to know about, including residency options, tax questions, pensions, visas, mortgages, schools, working from home, where and how to buy property and other day-to-day lifestyle issues.

Click here to see the exhibitors.


Portugal offers an excellent quality of life to its inhabitants, both local and foreign. In fact, foreigners make up 6.4 % of the Portuguese population. In 2022, Portugal was rated among the top five countries in the world by expats, ranking top in Europe.
According to the 2022 Expat Insider Report, the average global satisfaction rating of expatriates is 71%, but a whopping 85% of expats in Portugal state they are happy with their life there. Expats who move to Portugal say they enjoy a high quality of life, find it easy to settle in and are happy with their finances.


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