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'Shapes of Dilution' Exhibition - Aderita Artistic Space Gallery

'SHAPES OF DILUTION' EXHIBITION - ADERITA ARTISTIC SPACE GALLERYThe art exhibition Shapes of Dilution by Guilherme Limão is open from March 10th to March 30th, at the gallery Aderita Artistic Space in Vale do Lobo. Entrance is free.

The gallery hours are:

Monday: 2pm - 6pm

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 6pm

Guilherme Limão born in 1993, currently works and lives in Algarve. His artistic practice is based on the exploration of different mechanisms that allow the restructuring of identity and the significance of the borders that the material world imposes on existence. In his work there is an intimate fantasy of exploring a reality where symbolic validation fails in the construction of the narrative, thus trying to reach a more instinctive, animal, raw environment.
A major aim of his practice is to establish a relationship between the dilution of identity and the release of spiritual presence. When referring to spirituality, what is intended is to transcend the persona that is necessary for society but debatable as to its potential as a source of human depth. One of his major concerns is mental health and there is an obsession with illustrating the process of regeneration of individual reality.


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