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Driving in Portugal quiz


"Having just read the new afpop/Medal ‘Driving in Portugal’ booklet, available free to afpop members I was embarrassed at my lack of knowledge," according to an un-named media commentator.

Here are some questions to test the knowledge of those readers driving Portuguese registered cars –

  • In what position must the Insurance and Inspection certificates be placed on the inside of your windscreen?
  • What is the minimum fine for getting this wrong?
  • Is it legal or illegal to flash a warning to oncoming motorists that there is a speed trap ahead?
  • Is it legal or illegal to park against the flow of traffic?
  • If you vehicle ‘appears abandoned, or appears unable to move on,’ how long can it be left before it is considered to be represent ‘abusive parking?’
  • For how long can you legally park in a non-paying parking area?
  • What extra items must you have on board when travelling in Spain?
  • Do you know the precise legal routine when in an accident involving three cars or more?
  • If you receive a provisional MOT listing minor deficiencies, can the police fine you if stopped?

Afpop members can get a copy of the booklet, essential for every glove pocket, by contacting info@afpop.com or by calling 282458509. Have your membership number to hand.

Non-members can buy the booklet for €15 euros. This booklet is essential reading for renters if you let your villa or apartment or if you yourself need a refresher on the rules of the road.



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