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The Music World is getting hooked on the Portuguese Tosta Mista

Portuguese Tosta MistaTake two sandwich shops side by side in London, New York or Toronto; one of them in each city is Portuguese. Now put a sign outside the Portuguese one saying `Tosta Mista´s Sold Here.´ Outside the other put a sign twice as big that says `Ham and Cheese Toasties´or `Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches Sold Here´. They all mean the same thing but sit back and watch how busy each one gets. Ask anyone going in to the Portuguese deli and they will explain; for some reason, it´s just extra tasty.

Camden Rocks FestivalThe same recipe seems to be working for the new music discovery show from Portugal called `Tosta Mista with Alvaro Costa´. One of the leading music guru´s in Portugal, Alvaro Costa is fixture on the music scene in the country. With 2 episodes per month `Tosta Mista´is an online radio show hosted in Portugal on the website of Radio Antena 3. The first major partner station to come on board and syndicate the show was idobi Radio, quickly becoming a great driving force by permanently programming the show three times per week on their idobi Anthm Channel. Idobi is the #1 Alternative internet radio station with over 5.6 million tune ins per month, 80% in the US and 20% internationally. With only 7 shows under Tosta Mista´s belt, each episode is already receiving over 18,000 listeners on the idobi Anthm Channel only. Not including any other stations, partners, podcasts or Spotify playlists.

Eddie Barella, Program Director at idobi Radio explains; “We love hearing and sharing all the great music coming out of Portugal on the Tosta Mista Show with the loyal idobi Anthm audience. At idobi network, we´re all about music discovery.

With music discovery a main ingredient of Tosta Mista last week the show announced a media partnership with Camden Rocks Festival in London to present Portuguese acts under the `Camden Rocks Presents´ banner. Camden Rocks Presents showcase carefully chosen acts in the run up to the main festival in June with over 200 bands in more than 30 venues. On February 15th Portugal´s `Her Name Was Fire´warms up the Camden Monarch for 3 more Portuguese bands to follow in March. On March 15th Camden Rocks in partnership with Tosta Mista and idobi Anthm presents SLIMMY, Bed Legs and Grandfather´s House live at The Monarch starting at 7pm.

“We´ve never had a Portuguese band play a Camden Rocks presents show, especially not this many in one night” explains Chris McCormack, organizer of the Camden Rocks Festival. “We keep hearing some great music coming out of Portugal these days so we´re really looking forward to these gigs”.

For more information on the Camden Rocks Presents shows or Camden Rocks Festival visit: www.camdenrocksfestival.com

Tune into `Tosta Mista with Alvaro Costa´ on idobi Anthm at: http://idobi.com/show/tosta-mista/ or listen now on Antena 3 at http://www.rtp.pt/play/p4090/ .

Find out how you can get involved directly and more at www.musicglue.com/tostamista and at www.facebook.com/tostamistawithalvarocosta

Slimmy - https://www.facebook.com/slimmymusic/
Bed Legs - https://www.facebook.com/BedLegs/
Grandfather´s House - https://www.facebook.com/grandfathershouseband/