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Algarve is tinder-dry with Monchique now a 'maximum fire risk' area

bragancafirePortugal’s weather service has issued a ‘high fire risk’ warning that weeks of fine weather and winds have dried out the Algarve’s countryside.

Seven council areas in the Algarve have been warned to be extra alert for fires and for citizens to take care to follow fire prevention measures.

At risk are Vila do Bispo, Portimão, Silves, Loulé, São Brás de Alportel, Tavira and Alcoutim council areas with a special warning for the wooded slopes of Monchique which today was elevated to a ‘maximum fire risk’ zone.

The Algarve region’s fire services are at full strength with many nearby teams available to help Monchique Bombeiros should there be an outbreak.  

Common accidental causes of fires are sparks from domestic BBQs and strimmers, with farmers operating machinery on tinder dry land a constant risk. Arson is all too common with many cases reported each year.

Monchique council and Safe Communities Algarve have held joint seminars on how to prevent fires and what to do should a fire threaten property, including how to deal with animals and pets and basic life support actions.



For information on the next seminar on June 20th, click on:


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