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Leicester Tigers rugby stars injured after being caught in bar brawl with security

rugby fightShocking video footage apparently showed the rugby stars being involved in a bar brawl whilst visiting the Algarve to attend a training camp.

Girls are seen scrambling over tables to escape the mayhem before a fight spills out into an outside seating area, where glasses are hurled between the patrons.

One player from rugby union side Leicester Tigers reportedly suffered a facial wound from flying glass in the confrontation with men thought to be security staff.

Police were called to The Irish Pub in Vilamoura Marina, but everyone involved had left by the time they arrived. A source said: “Although the footage shows there was a sudden surge of violence, it was all over very quickly.”

The mobile footage shows the Leicester players at a table in high spirits. At one point one of the men can be seen performing pull-ups on a beam.

A witness claimed they were told they would not be served any more drinks. Several men in white T-shirts were then recorded facing the Tigers players, with some apparently trying to calm the situation.

One man can be heard saying “It’s going to kick off” while another shouts “Can you control this?” just before the trouble. The film shows men thought to be security punching Tigers players, who appear to respond by surging into the outside area.

Leicester’s head coach Geordan Murphy visited after the fight and spoke to police. No arrests have been made so far.

A club spokesman said: “The players made us aware of an incident when they were given a night off. The club has co-operated fully with authorities and while we believe this is the end of the matter, we will take further action if appropriate.”

THIS INCIDENT TOOK PLACE IN THE IRISH BAR VILAMOURA. We apologise for originally stating the incident took place at Albufeira Marina. 

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-2 #4 Chip 2019-09-10 13:10
We keep being told rugby players are so much more civilised than footballers. Obviously not.
-3 #3 Jack Reacher 2019-09-10 11:23
Albufeira should be made a lawless town where the general public can vent of alcohol induced frustration and throw handbags at each other. Tbe town isnt much good for anything else.
-1 #2 Peter Booker 2019-09-10 08:24
"…being involved in a bar whilst visiting the Algarve to attend a training camp."

This sentence gives a whole new meaning to the idea of training - for rugby, anyway.
-9 #1 Jim Williams 2019-09-10 06:16
Good to see the British rugby players attempting to defuse the gross provocation by leaving. To avoid a fight. It again emphasises the importance of the UK's FCO insisting that every UK traveller to Portugal - or even if just stopping off in Portugal - gets a leaflet fully explaining not just what the 1890 event WAS all about but its meaning to today's Portuguese. That it is a rallying cry to any Portuguese, in any profession or activity, inclined towards bad behaviour. Well aware that they will get away with it. As with the elderly British recently cleared of being a drug mule after months in a stinking hell hole of a Portuguese prison - all those involved in fabricating - directly and indirectly - a totally invented conviction against him never to be punished.
Yet a multi-millionaire Portuguese scrap metal 'King' with multiple charges of corruption and fraud etc being made against him over the years is freed as, up till now, he had no previous convictions!

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