Algarve urges motorhomers to park up at official sites

Algarve urges motorhomers to park up at official sitesJust a few days after GNR police handed out 77 fines for illegal motorhoming in the Costa Vicentina natural park, the Algarve’s tourism board (RTA) launched a new campaign encouraging motorhomers to park up at official camp and caravan sites.

Entitled ‘Don’t be left out’, the campaign urges these tourists to “use the areas and infrastructures designed for motorhomes so that they can enjoy the Algarve all year round.”

There are around 30 sites in the Algarve where motorhomers can legally park, including campsites, motorhome parks and service areas, all of which can be found online at

The campaign also includes videos with feedback from frequent users of these facilities as well as a physical guide containing information about the sites and a list of recommendations about the good practices that are expected from motorhomers.

The initiative will also be promoted through billboards and on social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram.

“The Algarve is the most popular destination in Portugal for motorhomers, who mostly come here in winter and spring (between January and May),” said Algarve tourism chief João Fernandes.

“It is in the region’s interests to promote official sites that provide motorhomers with the quality that they expect from a top tourist destination.

“The campaign aims to encourage good practices; we continue to witness unacceptable situations in areas where motorhomers stay illegally,” he added.

Article by kind permission of the Portugal Resident

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-1 #3 Chip 2019-12-02 13:52
Quoting Nick Lyster:
Good effort, do we think they will listen to the tourist authorities?

+1 #2 Jeremy mason 2019-12-01 08:22
Let us hope that controls will be made as there are many polluting eyesore on our roads.It is incredible that some of these tons of rubbish manage to obtain their MOT carts. Maybe in their countries of origin they are already prohibited!!!!Is it not possible to communicate their license plates to the countries concerned.
+4 #1 Nick Lyster 2019-11-29 19:35
Good effort, do we think they will listen to the tourist authorities?

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