Barroso's son gets Bank of Portugal job

bop4Luís Durão Barroso, son of the old Maoist himself, has landed a top job at the struggling Bank of Portugal.

The 31-year old formally was taken on without having to suffer the stress of an interview as no other candidates were sought by Portugal's struggling central bank.

Luís' father is José Manuel Durão Barroso, the 11th and current President of the European Commission.

Young Barroso officially will join the staff of the Bank of Portugal under a 'contract without competition' as he had 'proven competence,' something sadly lacking in the Bank's hallowed corridors and its boardroom.

The post in the Department of Prudential Supervision is his, as he managed to avoid the otherwise obligatory open recruitment process for hiring professionals, formerly a hard and fast rule at the central bank.

Curiously, Luís Barroso already had held the position for about a month in a cunning ruse to employ him without the formality of a contract. 

"Luis Barroso was hired without competition for the Prudential Supervision Department. The rule in the bank is for open contests for posts, unless 'proven and recognised professional competence' has been established."

Young Barroso has a law degree and a master's degree from the London School of Economics and has completed two internships in law firms. Hopefully his skills and a political family upbringing will equip him well for the struggle ahead.

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0 #6 Biggus Dickus 2014-08-20 15:16
Not sure which country Gladius Primus did his geography and history studies in but ... Portuguese, like French and Spanish is derived from Latin. And Portugal was a Roman colony.

So the Latino cap fits does the different way of thinking. The Chancer gene - as Harriet would say.

She is nodding to me as I write - being busy on a petition to the Portuguese Government. Asking for european funds to be diverted to north europeans who have bought Portuguese property entirely legally through a notaries etc - but with 'dodgy' paperwork from before they were even in Portugal. And also where one local or National Govt department has not communicated to another to the detriment of the householder. Seems fair to a north european. Maybe we can roll it out across Europe.

Apparently the nearest, purest Latin is spoken today by Romanians - which explains why so many are here - they pick up Portuguese so quickly. We don't!
+2 #5 Gladius Primus 2014-08-17 07:05
Nepotism has always thrived in Portugal. I just take exception to the derogatory 'Latino' term. The portuguese are not your homework there, Harriet!
+3 #4 San Falkena 2014-08-16 21:25
This is not good! The bank of Portugal needs experienced staff and not some young lawyer because he is the son of the the presidente of the European commision. I think if many people protest a "normal" recruitment procedure should still be obliged. If then still Luis would be choosen he would not get the job because of his connections, but because of his professional wisdom and experience!Would that not feel also much beter for himself...?
+4 #3 Harriet Thompson 2014-08-13 11:04
As we all know - here in Latinoland, backhanders never go directly to the elite who is needed to 'bend the rules'. It goes to family and close friends ....

With Dad tied up in a lifetime of dodgy dealing including the submarines mystery - isn't his son just there to clean up / bury those of Dad's deals that went through BES ? And those that went through his own BES bank accounts?

Remember that this is Dad's pension we are talking about - a top Maoist Communist - not some ordinary proletariat !

Going public was always intended - once the money trail was tidied up. So when the son resigns / gets the heave ho in a week or so for 'nepotism' - all will be well.

Think Latino, guys !! Thinking Anglo-Saxon here just makes you ill.
+9 #2 Peter Booker 2014-08-13 08:15
Excellent timing! I like the idea of Luís having proven competence in Prudential Supervision. How do they know? Is there anyone else in the bank who has the necessary competence in Prudential Supervision? It seems that this department is precisely that which failed to detect that BES was about to implode.
They are so useless that there may be other elephants in the room which they have failed to spot, or even a herd.
+11 #1 Ricardo Bastos 2014-08-12 21:58
what's the surprise? that's Portugal we're talking about. how do you think the country's got to where it is?

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