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Irishman found dead at Vilamoura marina

vilamouraThe body of an Irish golfer on holiday has been found at Vilamoura Marina but the police do not suspect foul play.

The 40-year-old was part of a group of golfers staying at the Dom Pedro Marina Hotel.

He was last seen alive on Monday night as he left the hotel, having decided to go out on his own and was not missed until the next day when he failed to come down for breakfast.

The man's body was found on Tuesday morning with some scratches and bruising to the his back, chest and hands which the police say was most likely caused when he fell.

Update: An autopsy has been carried out which determined that the man died from drowning, almost certainly after accidentally falling into the water.

There were no signs of violence or anything that indicated a crime had been committed

Testimonies from his friends said the man told them he was going out for a drink and that this was nothing more than a tragedy.

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0 #3 Beth 2015-10-10 18:15
Horrible to think the girls and I were at the same hotel and heard the sirens. We may have crossed paths with this poor guy. We all felt so safe out there so bloomin hope it wasn't foul play.
0 #2 Steve.O 2015-10-10 10:43
Valery usefully combines these previous similar incidents with this recent one. Can we hopefully assume that the PJ and GNR etc have also linked dead with British and golfer? But will it make any difference if the aim is to hush up and protect Algarve tourism - so waiting until the UK golfers go home. And a new lot arrive to be 'protected' by backward policing with unmotivated police?

If there is a serial killer loose, as with the hitherto unknown reports of a weirdo stalking British infants revealed by British police investigating the missing Madeleine McCann - will we ever officially know from the Portuguese ?

So shouldn't someone be telling Golf World
(http://www.todaysgolfer.co.uk/golf-world/) and get it known about? If nothing else, recommending that if going out at night in the Algarve, take a 9 iron with you.
+1 #1 Valery 2015-10-10 09:51
this is the third man that has been found dead in similar circumstances, all male, all golfers, all found in the water, either someone doesn't like the Brits, ( surely not??) or someone that doesn't like golf ( really??) or just plain coincidental.

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