Left Bloc move to wind up Algarve Hospitals' management body

pedronunesThe Left Block has demanded the "immediate termination" of the Algarve Central Hospitals management organisation.

The Left Bloc has announced that early in January it will deliver to Parliament via an Algarve MP, a draft resolution proposing "the immediate termination of Algarve Central Hospitals."

The purpose of unwinding the management structure that runs Faro, Portimão and Lagos hospitals is to provide them with a decentralised management and to strengthening the hospitals with new professionals, new facilities and services.

"The last case in the hospital in Faro, added to so many others, just proves that the Algarve Central Hospital organisation’s administration can no longer continue," said the Left Bloc spokesman, referring to "the verified chaos in the emergency room" on Christmas Day and the recent case of the death of a patient, the victim of a stroke, being transferred from Lisbon to Coimbra."

The Left Bloc says the hospital management model in the Algarve has "proved to be a failure" and the Algarve "lives in an emergency situation with regard to the National Health Service."

The spokesman added that "the Algarve Hospital and its board of directors – whose president (Dr Pedro Nunes, pictured) deserves a special mention, has not been able to respond adequately to existing health problems."

As examples, the block points out the lack of health professionals and the constant dissatisfaction over conditions, the lack of medicines and of surgical supplies, the postponement of  operations, the degradation of hospital treatment, the Portimão maternity unit at risk of  closure and the closure or severe reduction of services and beds.

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-2 #1 Mildred 2016-01-02 19:15
What confuses so much discussion of the Portuguese health service problems today is the sense that it has always been bedevilled with so many middlemen involved. None actually delivering the patient care. But all corruptly employing, managing, tendering, diverting, buying and selling on the staff, medicines and equipment.

Now, through cut backs these, as in any sewer, have been flushed to the surface.

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