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Spanish youth stay at home

spanishluxuryhomeThe overwhelming majority of young Spaniards under the age of thirty are to be found still domiciled with their parents.

Just below 80% live together with their parents and the percentage has risen since 2014.

The remaining 20.8% aged between 16 and 29 have left the parental home to live in an independent dwelling, according to a new study by the Council for Youth in Spain (CJE).

Although ostensibly independent, more than 84% of those living away from home co-habit with two or more roommates.

More young women (25%) than men (16%) lived away from their folks.

The country’s unemployment rate for younger people began last year at a whopping 50% having been stubbornly stuck at that figure since 2008. While the rate continued to fall over the year, by January 2016 it still stood at 45%.

The towering level of Spanish youth unemployment is second only to Greece, according to Eurostat.

Lack of jobs is a pivotal cause for people harbouring with their parents along with low wages against the relatively expensive state of the property market. CJE’s report said that the youth would have to earn 95% more than they do in order to be able to buy their own home.

"Behind these numbers is an unsustainable reality that puts a large portion of the youth at risk of poverty," CJE researcher Victor Reloba wrote in a statement.

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