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Albufeira: toxic gas causes Hotel Brisa Sol evacuation

brisasolhotelTwo holidaymakers have been treated for chlorine inhalation at an Albufeira hotel following an error in the handling of chemicals used to treat the swimming pool water, according to the District Command for Relief Operations (CDOS).

The episode occurred by the pool where a member of staff incorrectly mixed the chemicals needed to keep the water free of bugs. He mixed hydrochloric acid with chlorine at the side of the pool which caused a cloud of potentially lethal gas which he and two nearby guests inhaled.

The fire service, ambulance service, Red Cross staff and GNR officers were soon at the scene at the Hotel Brisa Sol.

The Scottish visitors were treated at the scene but the member of staff was taken to Faro hospital and treated for chlorine inhalation. It later was confirmed that he had been only mildly affected by the gas cloud.

The packed hotel was evacuated as a precaution until firemen gave the all clear.


0 #2 Jim Williams 2016-06-14 06:43
We have no idea, until the Scots holiday makers give statements safely back in Scotland whether they think this 'Gasman' was a lone wolf jihadi 'Portuguese Pink Mapper' or part of something more organised. Certainly a trip to the hospital and instant discharge for time wasting by the 'Gasman' suggests a team approach with others.

What we need to know now was whether the 'Gasman' stationed himself near the Scots, with a maniacal grin and 'Bom dia'. Perhaps then muttering something unintelligible that may have included the words 'Escócia' and 'Mapa Cor da Rosa'.

What must be deeply worrying the UK authorities back home is that there are tens of thousands of potential 'Portuguese Pink Mappers' roaming round the UK. Today. Few will be under any kind of surveillance as Portugal is assumed to be in the European Union so following some kind of 'regulation'

With a Brexit approaching us British in Portugal must brace ourselves for more of this sort of thing. We have only ever been seen here as a problem - not a solution. A Brexit could destablise the EU and topple the weaker peripherals like Portugal over the brink.
+3 #1 Deirdre 2016-06-13 13:58
In Portugal so many thousands of animals - domestic and wild - die needlessly and painfully every year because of mishandling or misuse of chemicals. Many foreigners have had their pets killed as part of a 'Foreigners go home / not wanted here' campaign. Initially thinking it a tragic accident - only when cross referencing with other foreigner sufferers realising the intent. The pattern. That their walking route had been mapped out and the bait for their pets laid intentionally.

But no sympathy or interest from locals. At best a city Portuguese snorting contemptuously about their country cousins that many of these locals never learnt to read labels. But the pet, a dear companion over the years as our Blackie was, dying painfully in front of us. Foreigners in Portugal.