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Your Algarve News Highlights - February 24th 2024

Your Algarve News Highlights - February 24th 2024

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Here is your weekly news overview… apologies for the brief version this week. We have taken a few days off due to a family bereavement.

Wild boars bathe on this award winning Portuguese beach

For bathers who regularly visit this beach, the possibility of having to share the sand with wild boars is no longer strange. The wild boars that live among the vegetation of the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park, so the beach is just a stone's throw from their 'home'.


In 2017, Praia dos Galapinhos won the title of Best European Beach, however, the difficult access to it means that some people give up visiting this little piece of paradise.  


But, it's not just humans who are attracted to the crystal clear waters of Praia dos Galapinhos, located in the middle of the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park. There, the cliffs that define the limits of the sand protect the place from strong winds and prevent the formation of waves, so the waters are ideal for wild boars to cool off.  The presence of people, especially in the summer, doesn't even prevents them from swimming at Galapinhos.



Organism similar to jellyfish has been spotted along the along the Algarve coast

A marine organism, similar to jellyfish and which rarely appears in coastal areas, has been appearing along the Algarve coast, but, unlike some jellyfish, its presence is harmless.


Despite being an oceanic animal, the salp has been detected along the Algarve coast, which may be related to currents, because it is a species that feeds on phytoplankton and its movement is influenced by maritime movement, explained Joana Cruz, researcher at the Center for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) at the University of Algarve (UAlg).

It is a species of tunicate, invertebrate, measuring between 1 and 30 centimetres, which is “completely harmless”, unlike several species of jellyfish, which pose a risk to humans because they sting.

According to the researcher, these gelatinous and translucent, barrel-shaped organisms, very similar to jellyfish, have a very important role in capturing carbon from the oceans, helping environmental sustainability, but they are not usually found in coastal areas,

Joana Cruz usually carries out a lot of research work in coastal areas, for example in the lower estuary of the Guadiana River or even in the Ria Formosa, due to her specialization in phytoplankton, and “salps never appear”, she highlighted.

The expert believes that they have been dragged by the sea to coastal areas, because “they cannot overcome the current”, especially when “they grow very quickly - because they have very fast growth rates -, they enter a phase of chain volume and are dragged” .

“In terms of reproduction, they can have a solitary phase and another phase, in which they form colonies. They present two types of reproduction, when they are solitary they reproduce asexually, and it is with the salps that come from this asexual reduction that these colonies are formed”, she said.

Joana Cruz highlighted that a colony is usually made up of “many individuals clinging to each other” and the group can be “hundreds of metres” long.

Feeding is done through body contractions that allow the “pumping of water to capture phytoplankton” and has the ability to “transfer all the carbon that exists on the surface to deeper areas” of the ocean.

“Through, for example, feces, which are very large and accumulate a lot of carbon, and also from the animals themselves, from the salps that die, which end up sinking to deeper areas. This is good because carbon will be captured and, therefore, they are quite important in these processes”, she highlighted.

According to Joana Cruz, because they are similar to jellyfish, people may be scared, but these organisms “do no harm”, because they do not have “stinging cells”, she reiterated.



Tender launched for the construction of the Algarve Seawater Desalination Station

The tender for the design, construction and operation of the Seawater Desalination System in the Algarve region was published on Friday, in Diário da República.


The base price is 90 million euros and has a deadline of the end of 2026.


The system will have an initial production capacity of 16 million m3 of water per year, with civil works prepared to increase capacity to 24 million m3 per year. 


“This structural project for the region aims to guarantee the resilience of public supply to the population of the Algarve, particularly in periods of prolonged drought, through an increase in water availability”, explains Águas do Algarve in a statement.


The Algarve Seawater Desalination Station is part of a range of investments that Águas do Algarve is carrying out within the scope of the Algarve Water Efficiency Plan, under the Recovery and Resilience Program (PRR), and which will allow for increased water availability in the region by more than 69 million m3 per year.


“At a time of high complexity of processes, inherent to the challenges that water scarcity has brought to the Algarve region, and consequently to Águas do Algarve, I cannot fail to highlight the great effort made by the entire company and its employees, so that all the projects we are executing within the scope of the Water Efficiency Plan and incorporated into the PRR are being fulfilled in accordance with the previously established objectives, thus demonstrating the company's ongoing commitment to water efficiency and environmental sustainability in our region”, says António Eusébio, president of Águas do Algarve 



Faro, Lagoa and Loulé: 3.1 magnitude earthquake felt

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) have reported that an earthquake measuring 3.1 on the Richter scale was felt this Sunday, February 18th, in some municipalities in the Algarve in the late afternoon.


The epicenter was located around 40 kilometres southwest of Faro at 6:16 pm in the Algarve, and was felt in the municipalities of Faro, Lagoa and Loulé. Did anyone feel it?


“This earthquake, according to the information available so far, did not cause any personal or material damage”, reads the statement, released at 7:15 pm by the IPMA.


According to the Richter scale, earthquakes are classified according to their magnitude as micro (less than 2.0), very small (2.0-2.9), small (3.0-3.9), slight (4.0-4.9), moderate (5.0-5.9), strong (6.0-6.9), large (7.0-7.9), important (8.0-8 .9), exceptional (9.0-9.9) and extreme (when greater than 10).


More news next week!




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Currency Market Update - 20th February 2024

Last week delivered a blow to the Pound following GDP figures which showed the UK entered a recession last quarter- This wasn’t really news to us however now it has been made official we saw an effect to the exchange rates- both GBPEUR and GBPUSD fell after enjoying a month and a half of gains.



Business trends with a future in 2024

The business sphere is undergoing an extraordinary revolution, propelled by technological progress, sociocultural changes, and the high rate of globalization. The business environment is the one that changes very fast. Hence, understanding the trends driving the business direction in 2024 is essential.



The Game Changer "Ponto" in European Portuguese

This week, Sandra Carapinha, founder of Learn European Portuguese Online offers ADN readers a free, engaging lesson on the many uses of the word "Ponto", in Portuguese.



A Town that Lived Up to Its Name?

My medical degrees from California Beach University must still be in the post - it was 'buy one, get one free', so I'm also a qualified hairdresser.  I've often wondered how that works with other products.  If you claim a refund on the first dishwasher, do you get to keep the free one?



Smart Solar Savings: How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panels

Why settle for sky-high energy bills when the sun offers a powerful solution right at your doorstep? The secret to unlocking these smart solar savings isn't just slapping some panels on your roof and calling it a day. It's about making every ray of sunshine work harder for you.




3 bedroom single storey villa with pool and garage, Carvoeiro

This detached, 3 bedroom single storey villa with pool and garage, is located within 6 mins drive to Carvoeiro beach and village.



Spacious 3 bedroom apartment with sea views, Canary Islands

This spacious, 3 bedroom apartment on La Gomera in the Canary Islands is located in Peublo don Thomas, on the top floor of a two storey building, with open views looking out on to the Atlantic Ocean. 



For Sale: Impressive 5 Bedroom Villa in Mexilhoeira Grande

This impressive, luxurious well-maintained south-west facing villa is situated in a peaceful location, with stunning views across the countryside which can be seen from every window on both floors.



QUARTER SHARE: 2 bedroom golf apartment with pool, Carvoeiro

A QUARTER SHARE in a beautifully presented ground floor 2 bedroom apartment of 117.50m2, on a prestigious Algarve golf complex.




3 Michelin-starred Cocina Hermanos Torres cooks for one night only at Ocean restaurant

Two Michelin-starred Ocean Restaurant welcomes the magic three Michelin-starred Cocina Hermanos Torres from Barcelona, to cook for one night only at Ocean, on Wednesday, February 28th.



Austrian Weeks at Vila Vita Biergarten, Feb 15th to March 15th

A series of delicious specialities from Austria will be the star of the Austrian Weeks that will take place from 15th February to 15th March at the Vila Vita Biergarten, in Porches.



Algarve Artists Network “Artists for Hope” exhibition opens Feb 15th, in Monchique

This painting is to be exhibited in the forthcoming Algarve Artists Network “Artists for Hope” exhibition at Galeria do Santo Antônio, Monchique, from 15th February to 14th March 2024.



Cookery Workshops & Culinary Holidays at Figs on the Funcho, Algarve

If you enjoy cookery and the Algarve, enjoy the best of both worlds at one the Springtime Cookery Workshops & Culinary Holiday Experiences at the beautiful Figs on the Funcho retreat.



INFO Presentations for all Coordinated by afpop

afpop, Portugal’s largest Association providing advice and information for foreign residents and property owners, is coordinating a programme of presentations under the banner ‘AFPOP Presents …’ covering a range of subjects in which its Members have expressed an interest to be better informed.



New Associação Alerta de Incendio Florestal Charity Shop - Volunteers required

The Alerta Associação Alerta de Incendio Florestal charity, is opening their own charity shop in Silves, and need volunteers to make this a success! Can you help?



‘Moving to Portugal’ Show & Seminars - 14th March 2024

Discover the allure of Portugal at the ‘Moving to Portugal’ Show & Seminars, to be held in London on 14th March, 2024.




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