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Old Portuguese Stuff

salazarhouseAlexandre Gamelas & Catarina Santos created the Old Portuguese Stuff website back in 2010 while living in New York and working as architectural designers away from home.

“It represents our selected view of a beautiful and culturally rich old Portugal which inspires us every day in our own architectural practice.


“Old Portuguese Stuff is a photo library in blog format. We post about old Portuguese buildings, interiors and details, even food and books.

The website is fully searchable and organised by architectural features, places and building types, as an ever-increasing record of a huge traditional legacy.

“By sharing it freely we hope it will become a great tool for architects, designers, decorators and craftsmen, as well as a source of inspiration to all Portugal lovers and visitors.

algarvedailynews.com is delighted to feature updates from Old Portuguese Stuff with the kind permission of Alexandre Gamelas and Catarina Santos.



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