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Countdown To Selling Your House: Get Market Ready!

Countdown To Selling Your House: Get Market Ready!Get your property 'market ready' - check out our 10 point checklist of things to do when you are selling your home. Some are easy, others might require a small amount of effort or investment. But, all are worthwhile for your home to appeal to the maximum amount of buyers, and get you the highest selling price possible.


A few small things can create a big negative effect on a buyer.


Less is definitely more when it comes to preparing your house for sale. Counter tops, windowsills, tables, and even drawers and cupboards should be kept tidy, with contents to a minimum, giving the impression of space.


Personal item, family photos and bold artwork can make your home less appealing to the general public. Remove them to create a blank canvas for potential buyers.


It's a good idea to put treasured possessions and valuables out of sight, either locked up, packed away or stored elsewhere. We all like to think the best of people, but it's better to be safe than sorry.


Remove any 'bold' wall colours and instead choose light paint to help create that 'blank canvas' we mentioned earlier. Touch up scratches and scuffs on walls and doors, it makes your home look well cared-for.


Unpleasant or strange odours can put buyers off, but you might not notice them in your own home. Invite a trusted third party try to detect any pet smells, damp or lingering food aromas. “Masking techniques” such as candles or plug-in room deodorisers can help, but consider deep cleaning of plug holes, rugs etc.


You should aim for your property to look spotless. Take special care with kitchens and bathrooms, making sure the surfaces, tiles, shower, and floors are clean and shiny.


Buyers judge a book by its cover. Make sure the first exterior view of your home entices buyers to see more. Ensure walls, doors and windows are in good condition. Clean your windows. Tidy garden areas to show your home is well maintained throughout.


Gather all documentation relating to your property. Your lawyer will assist you in acquiring any further paperwork you need.


When it comes to selling your property in the Algarve you need a reputable estate agent you can trust to act in your best interests, keep you up to date on proceedings, to market your property effectively and to find you the right buyer. 
At Property Specialists Algarve we pride ourselves on keeping in close contact with our vendors. 

A Guide To Selling...

The Property Selling Process In Portugal
The Selling Process
The process of selling property often varies in different countries. So what is the legal process when selling a property in Portugal?
Fees & Costs For Selling
When selling a property in Portugal the fees and costs incurred by the vendor are legal fees, real estate agency fees and Capital Gains Tax.
Legal Documents Required
When selling your Portuguese property it is necessary to have certain documentation to ensure a smooth property sale.
We are here to advise, assist and update you throughout the whole selling process, from beginning to end, along with our team of recommended experts.

Call us on +351 912 488 155,
email us at info@propertyspecialistsalgarve.com,
or complete the contact form on our website.
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