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Christmas Goodies - A Very Special Delivery Just For You!

Christmas Goodies - A Very Special Delivery Just For You!It's almost here! The countdown is officially on for Christmas and we're feeling all warm and fuzzy, partly because it's 18ºc with sunny skies here in the Algarve, but mostly from thinking about what we have in store for you this year.
Not only do we have a gorgeous selection of properties for you to choose from, we've also got some of our own goodies on offer, a gift from us to you.

If you book an appointment, a viewing trip or make a reservation during the promotional period (12th - 26th December, 2019) and this then leads to a sale that is completed by the end of April 2020, we have the following exceptional extras just for you:

• Reduced Cost Viewing Trip
• 3 Month Rentals Package (With Purchase)
• €1000 Furniture Voucher (With Purchase)

That's a big saving and, best of all, you don't have to trudge through the snow or brave the wind and cold to get to these offers as they are being delivered directly to you.

In fact, as the proud owner of a home in the sun you may never have to experience a cold Christmas again, unless you choose to of course!

So, sit back, relax and start to imagine the warmth of the Algarvian sunshine on your skin, the fantastic food and drink along with a variety of beautiful beaches as you scroll through all of the delightful deals on offer.

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