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Anniversary of Santo Antonio Golf Course

Anniversary of Santo Antonio Golf Course - Pepe Gancedo Trophy The annual celebration to commemorate the opening of Santo Antonio golf course will take place on Sunday, 11th of August.
This will include a Singles Stableford golf competition for the Pepe Gancedo Trophy with a shotgun. Afterwards there will be a Prize Giving Buffet with a delicious menu, professional service and live entertainment. All the ingredients are there for a memorable event.

The Parque da Floresta golf course opened in 1987 and was designed by Pepe Gancedo (1938-2016), one of Spain´s most famous golf course architects whose design philosophy was to make courses enjoyable, traditional, challenging and memorable with minimal alteration to the existing terrain.
This celebration is open to all golfers, family and friends.

Details are available from Santo Antonio Golf Reception at golf.reservations@saresorts.com, or via telephone on 282 690 054.

W: www.saresorts.com

Anniversary of Santo Antonio Golf Course