Sagres Birdwatching Festival starts this Wednesday, October 4th

SagresBirdFest2017An exciting week for birding and nature enthusiasts as the Sagres Birdwatching Festival returned on October 4th and runs until the 8th, backed by Vila do Bispo council and organised by SPEA. Events are dedicated to nature, birds and outdoor fun.

In Sagres, "you can see almost everything", says André Pinheiro from Almargem, one of the promoters of the initiative who says that it’s the unique landscape which makes this festival not only for bird watching, but for nature in general.

Sagres, according to the tourist board, “is a place with a huge biodiversity and beautiful landscapes, and at this time of the year is the main crossing point in Portugal for migratory birds, towards the warm lands of Africa.”

The festival has grown from a small gathering of birding enthusiasts, keen to spot passing migrants, to a far larger regional events. 

The festival programme this year includes more than 160 activities such as field trips, boat trips, short-courses, environmental education workshops, yoga, surfing, Jeep safaris, dolphin watching, seabird watching, scuba diving, kayaking, bird ringing and monitoring sessions, and more with some free and others paid for.

Other possibilities are walks, guided tours about the history of Sagres, walks with donkeys or horses and boat trips.

The five day programme can be seen HERE and the council has help produce a plan of what’s on where, HERE 

Helpfully, those going by train, as far as Lagos anyway, can buy a discounted ticket

More info from: Alamargem's Andre Pinheiro


SPEA - Alexandra Lopes


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