Tuesday, 22 August 2017
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New year , new property?Whether you are looking for a new home in 2017, or are ready to invest and just need to find the right property, look no further than Beverywhere.com.

The Green Man Hotel - living in harmony with natureThe latest update on our living in harmony with nature project, The Green Man Hotel, a soon to be healthy living rural oasis, after the minor border infringement problem we had with our original submission and then the major realignment of the ( Reserva Ecológica Nacional ) borders on our land and the systemic slow progress to get to this point, we are at last reaching the final planning stages for phase one of the project, the first stage of which we will be creating a 100% carbon negative infrastructure for our hotel building and this could potentially and probably will end up being the greenest, the healthiest, the most sustainable, the most eco friendly, user friendly hotel in the world.

Buying Residential Property Overseas in 2017 Post-Trump and With Brexit InfluencesAfter the “shocks” of 2016, how will the overseas property market be affected in 2017 and will the most popular areas still be of interest?

Although the Trump and Brexit decisions did have an initial effect on clients potentially purchasing an overseas property - where some people have deferred until the markets have settled down in the USA after the Presidential inauguration and Article 50 is finally implemented - others have seen this as a good time to look for opportunities and bargains available in the market.

pinecliffsAlbufeira’s ‘Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites, a Luxury Collection Resort’, has won the ‘Best New Hotel & Design Construction’ in Europe at the International Property Awards in London.

These awards are given for "the performance of companies operating in all sectors of the real estate and property industries," after a jury of 70 people asses design, quality, service, innovation, originality and commitment to sustainability of the entrants.

theKeysState-owned bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos remains headline news as one of its more ambitious loans seems to have turned sour, leaving a potential loss of €278 million to be accounted for.

The bank, troubled by recent poor management appointments and a huge overhang of bad property debts, loaned millions to companies involved in the Keys development at Quinta do Lago – money that the bank is unlikely to see repaid in full as Birchview Imobiliária has applied for protection under a Special Revitalization Process.

Festive Property Pick from BeverywhereFalling supply at a time when demand is rising is helping the residential property market in Portugal recover with the latest reports showing prices are rising. There has been a positive start to the festive season as property prices continue to rise, and property sales are up by 10%-15% on this time last year. 

Below are just a few of the latest properties to become available for sale on Beverywhere.com.

comportaestateThe two accepted bidders for the Espírito Santo family’s ‘jewel in the crown’ Comporta estate are Pedro Almeida, a successful former stock broker and oil trader who has returned from Switzerland to live in Portugal, and Orion Capital Managers, LLP, a European real estate private equity firm owned by the founders, Aref H. Lahham, Van J. Stults, and Bruce C. Bossom.

Two of the Orion Capital partners held discussions in the past with Asher Edelman and David Storper of Amory Merchant but these did not lead to any working arrangements for the purchase of the Comporta Estate, probably as Orion is known for deals with a shorter pay-back time than many of those handled by Armory Merchant.

haitongCEOOnlyThe Great Creditor Rip-off is close to being finalised as two low bids are being considered by Haitong Bank for the two companies that control the Espírito Santo family’s Comporta Estate summer playground and future gold mine.

The Luxembourg administrator of Rioforte, the Espírito Santo Group property offshoot, the one that borrowed from and still owes Portugal Telecom around €800 million, instructed José Ricciardi at Haitong bank to 'advise on' and filter any bids for the two Comporta companies that control the estate.