Tuesday, 06 December 2016
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Activity Algarve Bike Rides

Thanks to everyone who came along on this weekends rides.

ANA BEATRIZ FERREIRAANA BEATRIZ FERREIRA, the exciting young Portuguese pianist, will give 2 concerts during December, 2016. On Tuesday December 13th. Ana Beatriz will play pieces by Beethoven, Vianna da Motta, Debussy and Prokofiev. On Thursday December 15th. Ana Beatriz will play selections from Bomtempo, Beethoven, Liszt, Lopes-Graça and Prokofiev.

Burguer King Lear – tumultuous play and an opportunity for reflectionAs part of the commemoration of Shakespeare’s death 400 years ago this year, a film version of the play King Lear will be shown on December 6th and 7th in São Brás de Alportel and Alcoutim.

On Wednesday 22 November the film was shown in the library in Tavira. Produced in 2006 by Director João Garcia Miguel, this interpretation conveys an inner and outer turmoil that arguably reflects current global themes. While validation of love is the theme of Shakespeare’s King Lear, the decision to ostracise which leads to a traumatic outcome is more than one man’s journey. It is an exploration of fear and insecurity.

AHAJohn Lamble will be giving a talk on The History of Psychology at the Municipal Library Tavira on Monday 5 December at 18h00 and at the Convento São José, Lagoa on Wednesday 7 December at 18h00.
Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour, topics of great interest to philosophers and theologians for more than 2000 years. During the Enlightenment, questions arose which still intrigue us, such as whether Nature or Nurture is more important in human development. In the late 1800s the study of the mind in the modern sense developed as a branch of philosophy and medicine.

Nikola MeeuwsenAt the age of five, Nikola heard a recording of Rachmaninoff’s third piano concerto, played by Vladimir Horowitz. At that moment he knew that he wanted to play the piano and his enthusiasm and talent for the piano flourished. His breakthrough came when he won the 2012 Steinway Competition in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, together with the audience´s prize. In 2014 he won the “Concertgebouw Competition” and in 2015 he finished second in The Young Pianist Foundation Competition.

January Highlights at Teatro das Figuras, FaroThis months' highlights of What's On at Teatro das Figuras, Faro.

“Complentativo”- by Dutch artist Will KellermannWill Kellermann discovered Portugal on one of her many painting travels as a renowned ´plein air´ painter. She is enthralled by the authenticity of the landscape, the people and the surprising light fall.

Since a few years ago she has a studio near Moncarapacho. Her work is exhibited in many countries and she won several awards, a.o. from the Cross Gate Gallery Kentucky, the Art Foundation ´s Graveland, Art et Culture Boissezon France, The Mall Gallery London, Jacob Smits Museum Belgium.

The well known Dutch Artist, who has had several exhibitions here in the Algarve, now is showing “Feelings of Portugal” in restaurant Aquarelle in Almancil.
This exhibition with paintings in various techniques will run till February 2017.

"Restaurant Aquarelle has a very suitable name because I often use this painting technique of water and colour. With this difficult medium you have to know what you are doing and your use of the brush with the paint has to be exact. If not, you cannot change it anymore, as the paint is very transparent."

"Aquarelle is also a very nice restaurant serving good food, so you may decide to eat there afterwards. (00 351 917 773 205 or mail@lorisverganista.com).

Contact:  www.willkellermann.com | info@willkellermann.com


São Brás Museum Events in DecemberThis month's events at São Brás Museum include the Christmas Bazaar, a film of Burgher King Lear, plus 2 Christmas concerts

See below for more details.