Monday, 21 April 2014
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chateauProperty in France has fallen in price by as much as 20% in some areas over the last five years.

The recent hikes in property taxes and a continuing uncertainty about the market mean that prices could drop still more.

vinesWine experts in France have been surprise at the rocketing sales experienced of rosé wine.

Sales have tripled in the last 10 years, despite connoisseurs long having placed rosé at the bottom of the barrel.

airplane2The Socialist opposition party has demanded a parliamentary hearing on the privatisation of Portugal's airports operator ANA.

The formal request was lodged last week after an earlier request for a grilling of the members of the Monitoring Committee of Privatization of ANA was rejected by the government.

drinkNine out of ten young drivers stopped and breathalised over the Easter weekend in Lisbon and Vilamoura were found to have a 0% or negligible blood alcohol level.

The 100% Cool campaign took place under the supervision of the GNR supported by the National Association of Spirits to promote road safety.

gnrA last minute burst of activity from home-grown Portuguese tourists has filled the Algarve’s hotels this Easter weekend bringing relief to many businesses reliant on good Easter takings to kick off the season.

Hotel occupancy in the Algarve has grown by 4% over last year, mainly due to increased demand from Portuguese visitors who join the Spanish, British, German and Irish, according to an unusually buoyant Elidérico Viegas, President of the Association of Hotels and Resorts in the Algarve.

LacustreThe Cidade Lacustre project in Vilamoura takes another step towards a start date as the government this week gave the go ahead for the €1billion project destined to cover over 360 hectares, much of it agricultural land.

The project lies between Vilamoura Marina and Açoteias, Albufeira and side-steps normal planning requirements as it has been deemed of “relevant public interest” by the government.

eumapNot only has Portugal entered into deflation, but it has been joined by seven other nations within the EU.

In Portugal, prices fell 0.4% in March from a year earlier. The same drop also hit Sweden, making it the first and only state in northern Europe to slide into deflation.

chocolateIn the rapid approach to the best day of the year for chocolate, research has shown that one in six Britons indulge in chocolate every day.

Some eight million throughout the land admit to enjoying some chocolate daily while a further 17% say they consume it between four and six times a week.