Monday, 24 November 2014
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socrates2José Sócrates continues to be questioned by judge Carlos Alexandre and will spend a third night behind bars at the central command police station in Moscavide, Lisbon.

The former prime minister was up bright and early this morning and was presented to the judge at the Campus of Justice at 08.35.

Confirmation that Sócrates will spend a third night in the PSP cells came from his lawyer, João Araújo.

The former PM’s next judicial interrogation at the Central Court of Criminal Investigation will start on Monday morning at 09.15. This session follows Sunday’s 12 hour stint at the Campus of Justice.

huelvaThe search for yet more free money has resumed with the Intermunicipal Community of the Algarve (AMAL) and the Provincial Council of Huelva (pictured) in Spain identifying cross-border cooperation projects so they can access funds from the Community Support Framework 2014-2020, according to AMAL’s Jorge Botelho.

The AMAL president has met the president of the Huelva area, Ignacio Caraballo Romero, in a session at which it was "possible to identify common projects to develop in the areas of mobility and tourism, with the creation of tourist projects linking the two regions.”

cliffrichardSir Cliff Richard is believed to be preparing to sue the BBC for breach of privacy over the televised raid of his property in Sunningdale, Berkshire, on August 14.

The entertainer is also said to be considering legal action against the South Yorkshire Police.

DIVERPedroDiazAn international diving team is investigating whether the wreck found in Martinhal bay is that of the silver-laden Pedro Díaz smuggling ship that sank in a storm in 1608.

The ship had silver hidden in its official cargo of sugar and had set out from Argentina when it encountered a violent storm, sought shelter along the Algarve’s coastline but sank with all cargo lost.

statueoflibertyThe US Federal Bureau of Investigation was so afraid of Martin Luther King that it urged King to kill himself in an anonymous letter.

The letter was written in 1964 by a deputy to the much-feared chief, J Edgar Hoover. The deputy, William Sullivan, purported to be a disillusioned civil rights activist.

ZARALOGOInditex, owner of the popular Zara clothing shop, has recorded another vast leap in profits.

Turnover for the Spanish retail leader was €16.7bn, up by nearly €1bn from the €15.9bn recorded last year.

socratesThe Attorney General's Office confirmed the arrest at Lisbon's Portela airport last night of the former prime minister of Portugal, José Sócrates who was met by police after an Air France flight arrived from paris at 22.45pm.

The Office confirmed also that a total of four arrests now have been made, including the arrest of the former prime minister, as part of an investigation by the Central Department of Investigation and Penal Action into tax fraud, money laundering and corruption.

legionellaPortugal’s worst outbreak of Legionella which had its epicenter in the municipality of Vila Franca de Xira, near Lisbon has been traced to a cooling tower at a fertiliser factory.

The management of Adubos de Portugal Fertilizantes may now be prosecuted as a report has been sent to the prosecutor who will see if any environmental crime has been committed.