Tuesday, 31 March 2015
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madeiraalbuquerqueManuel Albuquerque is the new name to remember for Madeira as he has been voted in as the new President of the regional government.

He is a Social Democrat and the PSD won a controlling majority with 44.33% of the islanders’ votes with 24 of its MPs being elected.

financaslogoThe ever-hungry tax office has excelled even its own record for the silliest seizure as its trained officers pounced on a restaurant and took legal charge over four cakes.

The cakes were expertly valued at 30 cents each by the fully trained tax staff as they took a small but important bite out of the restaurant’s €92,000 debt.

homelessThe Communist party was quick off the mark today as the new unemployment figures showed a rise in February in the face of government assurances that all is well and the economy is booming.

The PCP said that the number of unemployed Portuguese keeps increasing, "Despite the already very high unemployment level in Portugal, since last September unemployment has continued to grow, reaching 14.1% in February with 719,600 unemployed," said José Lourenço, from the committee of economic activities of the PCP.

womenatworkThe average cost of labour per hour across the 28 member countries of the European Union was estimated to be €24.60 in 2014, rising to €29.20 among the 18 nation-eurozone.

The range stretches from €40.3 in Denmark to €3.80 in Bulgaria.

4801James Jackson is banned from voting in UK parliamentary elections but is allowed to stand as a MP, which is exactly what this Briton is going to do.

Jackson lives in France and is to contest the Uxbridge & South Ruislip seat which also is being contested by Boris Johnson, the current Mayor of London.

oiltankerAt long last, amid media pressure urging people to question the governements’ desire to establish oil drilling off the Algarve and Alentejo coastlines, a group of environmental associations and supporters have joined hands to create 'Plataforma Algarve Livre de Petróleo,' or PALP, as an acronym.

PALP has a simple to remember main objective - "to defend the Algarve as a sustainable region by opposing local oil exploration."

olhaoOlhão council has approved mayor Pina’s proposal to improve and restore the city’s historic centre, in part by offering tax breaks to owners wishing to undertake work.

The plan now needs to be voted through by the full assembly and represents a major step forward in the council's plans to preserve and promote the historic zone as unique in the region.

eurozoneThe authority said “corrupt high–level managers and weak anti–money-laundering controls have made BPA (Banca Privada d’Andorra) an easy vehicle for third–party money-launderers”.

It claimed that three senior managers accepted bribes to help criminals in Russia, Venezuela and China to funnel money through the Andorran system.