Wednesday, 27 August 2014
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ptLate in 2013 Portugal Telecom held €750 million in Espírito Santo International debt which was repaid with interest early in 2014. So far, so good.

Additional information about PT’s close relationship with Espírito Santo companies is revealed in notes on market regulator CMVM's website posted on Monday night.

These show that PT group companies bought short-term debt in Espírito Santo International three times last year.

imfThe Troika will be back in Portugal in October to review the 2015 State Budget.

This is the first time funding team will have visited Lisbon since they left at the end of the bailout programme, this time it is for a spot of ‘post-adjustment programme monitoring.’

hmrcBritain’s tax authorities are poised to begin raiding bank accounts to claim money it claims is due to the Exchequer.

The new power, not yet authorised, has provoked opposition from the Building Societies Association which represents all 44 building societies in the UK.

gibraltarGibraltar is home to one of the busiest supermarket in the Morrisons chain, always in the top 10 in terms of sales.

Its coveted place as The Rock’s only major supermarket has helped it consistently attract residents for the last 20 years.

octopusAncient treasure has been uncovered near an island in Malta which is one of the earliest finds from the Phoenician seafarers.

A shipwreck which happened some 2700 years ago has yielded a cargo of wine jars (amphorae) and grinding stones.

portimaocamaraPortimão council has joined the three other worst run councils in the country in emergency talks with the government.

Portimão, Aveiro, Nazaré and Vila Nova de Poiares are desperate to access money held in the Municipal Support Fund, money that currently they are denied as they are unable to run at least at break even.

rightjuiceLocally funded and produced independent film, The Right Juice, is to première in Faro this Friday, August 29th at Teatro das Figuras.

The première will be attended by members of the cast and crew, including the director, Kristjan Knigge, the producer, BJ Boulter and leading cast Mark Killeen, Lúcia Moniz, Miguel Damião, Ellie Chidzey, Beau McClellan and Michael Reeve.

riaformosaA bloom of algae in the warm waters of the Ria Formosa lagoon has sparked controversy within Olhão’s council amid claims that holidaymakers have sought treatment at Faro hospital.

Algae has been a problem this August but whether anyone has received medical treatment remains a mystery with the hospital denying it has treated any such patients and certain Olhão councillors saying that holidaymakers have been complaining that the algae has caused concerns and criticism from holidaymakers which has led to "trips to the hospital for treatment."