Tuesday, 30 September 2014
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dacruzPortugal’s Justice Minister, Paula Teixeira da Cruz, (pictured) has taken action in the Citius computer system fisaco and after a month of the country’s court system remaining at a standstill, is ‘preparing’ a law to suspend judicial deadlines.

The Ministry of Justice informed an eager press today that the embattled minister is preparing a legislative project to suspend judicial deadlines as the computer system has failed to function for the past month.

novobancoPortugal’s Economy Minister has praised Novo Banco boss Stock da Cunha while distancing himself and the government from a sale timetable, "It is not for the Government to conduct" the sale of the bank.

Pires de Lima said today that he expects the administration of Novo Banco to complete the sale of the institution during 2015.

portimaoarenaThe Algarve intends to boost residential tourism in order to increase the number of properties sold to foreigners who want a second home.

This rare clarity of purpose emanates from the Algarve’s regional tourist authority which will be exhibiting at this coming weekend’s Better Living in Portugal exhibition at the Portimão Arena.

student loanAlmost most half of Portugal's university students say they will have to leave the country to find work, according to an independent study carried out in cooperation with the Catholic University in Lisbon.

The study, 'Generation 2020 - the future of Portugal in the eyes of university students' recorded 46% of respondents with this viewpoint.

eurozone2Inflation in the eurozone has descended to its lowest level since October 2009.

The five-year low was announced by Eurostat which said that September’s consumer price inflation is expected to be just 0.3% on average, down from 0.4% the month before.

spainriot2The proposed referendum on independence in Catalonia has been suspended by Spain’s Constitutional Court.

The suspension comes as a result of a request by Prime Minister Rajoy’s conservative government for the court to declare the referendum illegal.

unemployedUnemployment in the euro area remains highest in Greece and Spain.

Portugal experienced the region’s biggest drop in unemployment, falling during the year from 16% to 14%. This left 725,000 people officially recorded as unemployed.

missingscotSpeculation that 30-year-old Scotsman Jon Anderson Edwards may have found his way into a hippie commune in the western Algarve has given his family and friends hope that he is still alive and well after mysteriously disappearing more than two weeks ago.

Edwards may have joined a “wwoofing, workaway” community, one of which says it is involved in “a wide range of activities here from growing organic vegetables and fruit trees in our terraced gardens to walking and feeding our animals.”