Saturday, 23 July 2016
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water2A concerning posting on Facebook about the situation at Vale do Garrão, Vale do Lobo has raised serious safety issues as a gas tank water sprinkler system now has been cut off, putting the whole area at an increased fire risk.

Infralobo, with the collusion of its majority owner Loule council, continues to persecute its customers in a dispute over an arbitary 'bedroom tax' that is waiting for a court decision yet the company continues to treat its customers in a cursory, arrogant and now dangerous manner.

rebelodesousaPortugal’s President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, was in Loulé on Thurday, 21st July, to present a Municipal Medal of Honour to local author Lídia Jorge.

The ceremony took place at the Ciné-Teatro where mayor Vítor Aleixo said to Jorge, "This distinction is a small tribute for all that you have done for us," adding that, "Lídia Jorge is the expression and the feeling of a community."

gypsycartThe usually thoughtful party for People, Animals and Nature (PAN) has submitted a bill to parliament that asks for horse-drawn carts to be banned from Portugal’s roads, thus risking the ire of the Roma community and human rights organisations.

Claiming that these carts are “not compatible with an evolved society,” the move is seen by Roma communities as discriminatory.

quaresmaA Portuguese man has died of a knife wound at West Ham Lane Recreation Ground in east London.

Bradley Quaresma, 20, was slashed across the neck during a skirmish at 15:15, a time when the park was full of families and children.

brexitLenBritain’s economy was reported to have contracted at the fastest rate since the 2009 peak of the financial crisis.

The Markit survey, the first to measure business activity since the Brexit vote, found that the services sector in particular but also manufacturing declined.

6252After June proved to be the 14th consecutive month of record heat for land and sea, analysts suggest that 2016 is well on the way to becoming the hottest year on record.

For the first six months of 2016, average global temperatures were 1.3C higher than the pre-industrial times of the late 19th century, according to Nasa.

grenadeA hand grenade was spotted on Thursday afternoon, July 21st, lying in Residencial Avenida, Faro near a bus depot.
The Public Security Police Explosives Deactivation team was called and the area cordoned off by police with the fire service standing by.

frenchwinefoodPortugal’s tax authority has launched a surveillance operation to ensure that restaurants are complying with the new VAT rates, are issuing receipts and generally playing their part to stamp out the parallel economy of undeclared meals and tax evasion.

A reported 500 tax inspectors have been released on an unsuspecting sector at the busiest time of year until ‘the end of the summer.’