Saturday, 21 January 2017
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cyclingDelminoPereiraThe Volta ao Algarve cycling tour is to be broadcast throughout Europe and beyond, with 55 countries and 65 million households able to watch the race and to enjoy views of the Algarve.

The 43rd tour takes place between 15th and 19th of February and will be covered by Eurosport.

PinaJeSuisTShirtThe Minister of Planning and Infrastructures, Pedro Marques, has a new friend in Olhão, the city's mayor António Miguel Pina (pictured left) who is delighted that the long-awaited by-pass finally it to be built to relieve the city of some of the worst congestion on the EN125.

Pedro Marques said that this work, that has been expected for so long, will become a reality when it opens in 2019, at a cost of €5.6 million.

FaroAirportFrontCivil engineering work at Faro airport will be completed early this summer, according to the Minister of Planning and Infrastructure, Pedro Marques, although the work is privately funded.

The €35 million current expansion and refurbishment works will enable Faro Airport to cater for the expected increase in passenger traffic.

trainThe omnipresent Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, Pedro Marques has confirmed that the Algarve’s old world railway line is to be fully electrified, at a cost of €32 million.

The modernisation work starts this month but won’t be finished until at least 2020.

iceThe Algarve’s councils have taken measures to ensure no one freezes to death in the coldest few days for over a decade.

In Faro and Olhão, teams have been handing out warm clothing and food, while Faro council has arranged overnight shelter for the homeless where they can get hot food.

egretThe wetland area that gives the city of Lagoa its name is being erased by earth-moving machinery that is preparing the land for an, as yet, unknown development - but most likely to be a new Continente supermarket.

Thousands of Glossy ibis are being pushed from their winter habitat of Alagoas Brancas as the natural area to the south of the Aldi and Apolonia stores is being destroyed.

riccardibesThe former president of Banco Espírito Santo Investments (BESI) says he feels "proud" of the Espírito Santo name and intends to rebuild the brand and overcome the company’s "black period."

Recently released from the burden of running Haitong Bank, after disagreements with chairman Hiroki Miyazato, José Maria Ricciardi said he wanted to develop "professional activities of a different nature from the current ones."

piresdelimaAntónio Pires de Lima, the former Minister of the Economy, has been hired by the US private equity fund Advent International as a consultant.

Pires de Lima, a minister in the Passos Coelho coalition PSD-CDS government, joins the US fund already operating in 40 overseas territories and will be "identifying and evaluating investment opportunities in the Portuguese market as well as in the global consumer sector."