Wednesday, 01 July 2015
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euThe Greek government today submitted a proposal to creditors that includes a new two-year aid programme which provides for a restructuring of Greek debt.

The news from Reuters cities a statement from the office of the Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras.

bopcarloscostaThe Chinese group Fosun and the private equity fund Apollo both have delivered binding offers for the purchase of Novo Banco.

The Spanish bank Santander and venture fund Cerebus decided not to continue in the process.

unemployedThe unemployment situation in Portugal has eased somewhat, dropping to 13.2% in May of this year.

In May last year, the rate was running at 14.4%. From then on, the rate dropped steadily until April when it bottomed at 12.8% before bouncing up 0.4%.

cocaineTwenty-eight people have been arrested in Portugal as part of an operation against an international drug trafficking network based in Spain.

In total 69 people have been arrested - 28 in Portugal, 26 in Spain and 15 in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. 3.5 tons of cocaine worth €9 million was seized in an operation that has smashed the gang.

taxifaroThe US-based taxi company said it will be appealing to today’s court decision and that Uber Portugal's services will remain active in Lisbon as Uber Portugal is not mentioned in the court process.

"We received the confirmation from the Court that the precautionary measures imposed on Uber Technologies Inc. will remain in place," read a company statement this afternoon.

oldgitPeople over the age of 50 in the UK have become the target of fraudsters trying to steal their pension savings.

Con artists are using phone, post and email to contact pensioners with their offer of “help” to access their pension savings early. They often say they can use a legal loophole to do this or that they can provide a one-off investment opportunity.

guimaraescopThe police commander who attacked Benfica football fan José Magalhães (pictured) and his father could lose 60% of his salary during a 90 day suspension as a result of recommendations from a disciplinary hearing.

Commander Filipe Silva, whose attack in Guimarães on May 17 was seen worldwide on social media, faces the sanctions as proposed by the General Inspection of the Interior which has finished its inquiry into the incident.

johnnoakesJohn Noakes, a former Blue Peter tv presenter has been found after disappearing during a walk on the island of Mallorca early on Tuesday morning in 35C heat.

Noakes’s wife Vicky said she alerted police in Andratx, the district of the Balearic island where the couple live, that he was missing shortly after 9am.