Wednesday, 25 May 2016
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mccanns2The lawyer for Kate and Gerry McCann has filed an appeal in Portugal’s Supreme Court following last month’s Appellate Court decision in favour of Gonçalo Amaral.

This is the latest move in the long-running civil action over the former lead detective’s controversial book about Madeleine McCann’s disappearance in 2007.

justiceA decision taken today by the UK’s highest court prevents an estimated 2 million British citizens that have lived overseas for 15 years or more from voting in the Referendum on June 23rd, a referendum that will determine Britain’s future within, or divorced from the European Union.

The Supreme Court upheld earlier rulings in the High Court and the Court of Appeal that dismissed the legal action put before them by solicitors acting for WWII veteran Harry Shindler (pictured below) and Solicitor Jacquelyn MacLennan.

courthouseShe’s done it: Portugal’s Justice Minister Frances Van Dunem has decided that 20 courts, closed under the 'tired and emotional' tenure of her predecessor Paula Teixeira da Cruz, are to be staffed and reopened early next year.

The minister said she was in talks with the ministry of finance over staffing levels but a January 2017 start date is the target with an additional budget of €500 million a year.

statueoflibertyUsing the EU Merger Regulations, the European Commission finally has approved the acquisition of Açoreana Seguros by Apollo Global Management, of the US.

The American company is a private equity investor active in various industry sectors, has had to wait five months to get the green light and now can complete the Açoreana purchase.

lufthansaA Lufthansa pilot said he was obliged to dodge three drones while attempting to land his aircraft at Bilbao, northern Spain.

The incident happened on Saturday and the pilot reported it to air traffic control.

venice2The travel guide Lonely Planet has issued its 2016 list of “best in Europe” locations.

Portugal does not feature among the top ten and the closest destination is Extremadura in Spain which ranked number seven.

stockdacunhaWith the sale of Novo Banco still not settled, its boss Eduardo Stock da Cunha (pictured) is to move back to London in September, leaving behind as much uncertainty and disruption as when he took over.

The loss-making Novo Banco must be sold by August, according to the government's own timetable, and “at no loss to the taxpayer”, according to Prime Minister António Costa.

spyA senior executive of the Security Information Service (SIS), Frederico Carvalhão Gil, has been arrested in Rome for selling secrets to the Russians. This marks the end of Operation Top Secret and the final chapter in a cat and mouse game that has been going on for decades.

Gil was caught red handed alongside a spy from the Russian secret service who also was arrested and hauled off by the Italian police for questioning.