Tuesday, 22 August 2017
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fireforest'A day late and a dollar short,’ the government has decided to fine SIRESP SA over claims that the emergency communications system supplied by the company has failed to allow communications during emergencies.

This will not be a cash fine of course, the owners of SIRESP SA are far too influential for that, but the government will agree a discount to the whopping annual cost of a system that in fact needs upgrading or scrapping.

FaroGardensAlamaedaTrees at risk of shedding their branches not only are to be found in Faro’s Alameda João de Deus gardens, the council now has admitted that it has a list of 130 trees across the regional capital that need urgent attention.

A huge branch crashed to the ground last week in the Alameda João de Deus garden, provoking urgent questions about public safety, especially after the accident in Madeira last weekend where a falling tree killed 13 people at a religious festival.

PinaOlhaoThe Minister of the Environment, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, has come to the rescue of the city’s Socialist Party mayor, António Pina (pictured).

On Monday's agenda, as minister João Matos Fernandes visited Olhão's town hall, was the hot topic of the feud between mayor Pina and Sebastião Teixeira at the Portuguese Environment Agency which has resulted in Teixeira issuing a demolition notice to a British couple who were half way though building a home on Armona island.

alA proposal for owners of short-term rental apartments and townhouse in condominium schemes to pay higher fees, forms a key part of a report from a Socialist and left Bloc working group on housing policy.

Owners of properties who rent to tourists under the Alojamento Local scheme, will be paying more condominium fees 'as their clients use the common parts of properties more than owner-occupiers.'

LagoaWetlandAt the beginning of 2017 the Alagoas Brancas wetland was turned upside down by bulldozers and lorries. The worked then stopped just as suddenly and the machines disappeared leaving behind an unsightly mountain of rubble which remains there to this day, writes the Save the Alagoas Group.

What happened? Who was responsible? What does the future hold for this wildlife sanctuary?

With little information coming from the local authorities the general public has been left in the dark. The following information chronicles the events of the last six months from the point of view of the Save the Alagoas Group (Grupo de Defesa das Alagoas Brancas) which was formed to save the site from this commercial development.

SEFA serious procedural mistake by the handling company Groundforce has led to the delay of 17 flights at Lisbon airport due to security fears.

Passengers of a TAP flight from Dakar, Senegal, were dropped off by the airside bus service at one of the entrances designated for Schengen flight arrivals, thus they could have entered the country without the normally stringent security checks.

faronewbridgeThe Minister for the Environment, João Matos Fernandes, was in the Algarve today to re-announce various projects, expecting everyone to have forgotten his previous announcements to show how much the government is doing for the region.

In a classic pre-election visit to the region, Fernandes said that tenders will be invited “by the end of the year” for old projects such as the fabled bridge to Faro Island, dredging sea channels at Armona, Fuzeta and Alvor and a new plan for Ancão beach.

vasconcelosThe Government has no interest in removing the miles of single white lines and traffic separators that have turned journeys on the western section of the EN125 into slow and frustrating trecks as no overtaking is allowed.

The Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure replied to some written questions from the Algarve Left Bloc MP, João Vasconcelos, and said the main objective for the creation of these white lines and the installation of the separators was to reduce the number of accidents.