Saturday, 29 August 2015
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oilrigNow there are two Oilgarves. 'Oilgarve – the Algarve says no to oil' the anti-oil exploitation pressure group run by ASMAA from its Lagos base, and as of three days ago, the pro-oil 'Oilgarve' Facebook page put up by the 'Oilgarve Exploration Company, Ltd.'

This company, according to the blurb, ‘is a private company based in Algarve, Portugal,’ although no Limited company of that name is registered in the UK or Portugal and does not show up on searches of international company registers.

albuquerque2Portugal’s Finance Minister has made a rare statement on the situation surrounding ripped off BES depositors, commenting the she deeply regrets the situation and has "enormous respect for these personal tragedies," but stressed that only the regulators and the courts can resolve the issue.

"I deeply regret the situation of people who feel deceived, who feel they have been wronged, who feel they have lost their savings, and there is a huge personal respect for these dramas, but it is a situation which, as we have said from the beginning, is up to the regulators to solve," said Maria Luís Albuquerque in response to questions from journalists during a trip to the Açores.

ikea2The deputy prime minister, Paulo Portas said today in Loulé that the financial investment by the IKEA Group in the Algarve is "one of the greatest of this legislature" and from the point of view job creation "is the largest of recent years."

Portas, always keen to ally himself to 'feel good factor' projects which he has had nothing to do with creating, popped up in the Algarve today to pose for the press and wield a spade at the ground breaking ceremony in a field near Loulé.

taxifaroThe controversial taxi app, Uber, is to be the subject of an EU study starting in September.

The initiative is an attempt to resolve the legal disputes swirling around Uber in various European countries.

barcelonaThe city’s new major, Ada Colau, is pursuing her goal of limiting the number of visitors and curbing any expansion of unlicensed accommodation for tourists.

Barcelona is the most popular tourist destination in Spain, with 27 million visiting last year. Tourist numbers for the first half of this year have already broken records.

beachcollapseIn August 2009 a section of cliff collapsed killing five people at Maria Luísa beach in Albufeira despite signs warning of the risk of rock falls.

Early this Thursday morning a massive section of cliff above the same beach sheared off and crashed into the sand but luckily this time there was nobody underneath.

baggagehandlersA series of strikes in September have been called by three Spanish airport workers unions. The first will be on next Friday.

The strikes are hit Madrid airport for four days in September – 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th.

refugueesThe Portuguese government is to take in "around 1,500 refugees" over the next two years.

The Minister of the Presidency and Parliamentary Affairs claimed today that Portugal "has been at the forefront of European solidarity" and confirmed that Portugal will make arrangements for about 1,500 Middle Eastern refugees from the current conflicts.