Monday, 25 May 2015
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rentalvillaA seminar in Albufeira, attended by 200 delegates, was devoted unravelling the new ‘local lettings’ legislation launched on April 21st, 2015 by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Adolfo Mesquita Nunes.

There are many questions but few clear answers for owners and companies involved in the buoyant lettings market and in this third session hosted by Moneris, the attendees included property owners, business people, lawyers, solicitors and accountants.

lagos2Lagos council has managed a drop in its borrowings from €8,355,656 to €598,056, nearly €8 million according to its finance report approved on May 11th.

The council also ended the year without any payments overdue by more than 90 days, "one of the main indicators of a financial improvement and a major confidence factor that the municipality can demonstrate for its suppliers."

ryanair1Britons are taking more holidays than at any time since the economy melted in 2008.

Most of the 38.5 million holidays taken last year were of Brits heading for Spain which received 12 million of those visitors, according to the Office for National Statistics.

ciudadans2While the final election count in Spain has not been announced yet, the result is already known. The ruling conservative PP party has been given a bop on the nose.

At the same time, the opposition socialist PSOE has also failed to gain the number of votes to which it has been accustomed.

4779A completely natural pesticide which spares honey bees has been granted approval by the European Union.

Three natural oils – rose, clove and thyme – combined together tackle a destructive fungus called botrytis (“bunch rot”).

breathalizerA new points-based licence system is to be introduced for Portuguese drivers staring next June. The system was approved by the Council of Ministers last Thursday, May 21st.

The president of the Automobile Club of Portugal Carlos Barbosa has praised the new system but says it should have been implemented ages ago.

correiaThe former mayor of Tavira and then of Faro formally has been accused of the crime of malfeasance* in public office due to urban licensing irregularities in 2007, when he was president of Tavira council.

The charges have been filed by the Department of Investigation and Penal Action in Évora and appear on its website, although not mentioning Correia by name, referring to ‘a former mayor of Tavira council.’

riaformosaThe Minister of the Environment today said that it was ironic that the demolitions on the Ria Formosa islands had been halted so as to preserve a species such as the chameleon as he believes that the habitat for this and other creatures will be improved when all the demolitions have taken place.

"It is precisely the renaturalisation of the Ria Formosa islands that will allow us to preserve all species," said the minister in a weak response to the suspension of the demolitions, adding that the government will appeal the decision made last Friday.