Tuesday, 27 September 2016
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firehelicopterA fire spread across the countryside near Rasmalho, Portimão, late this afternoon with fire crews from across the Algarve called urgently to the area.

Air support was called and helicopter pilots had a couple of clear hours operation before dusk came when the fire was categorised as 'subdued.'

cyclingCastro Marim council is undertaking two projects to create cycling routes in order to connect to the village of Altura and to Vila Real de Santo António.

The creation of the new bike lanes is part of the council’s desire to increase the area’s appeal to those less interested in sun and sand holidays and more interested in healthy outdoor pursuits, the fabled ‘nature tourism’ market.

4794Another round of regional elections in Spain on Sunday has resulted in the governing conservative Popular Party winning an absolute majority in Galicia.

The area is the home region of the party’s acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy.

lagoamap2The old centre of Lagoa is to get an overhaul, the first since 1773, to create a focal point for trade and to enable pedestrians to stroll, rather than scurry.

The council’s proposal, now that the public consultation period has run its course, is for a spend of €420,000 to revolutionise the centre through which traffic currently weaves and squeezes.

deutschebankGermany’s mighty Deutsche Bank has seen its share price hit a record low on Monday despite the bank’s denial that it was seeking State aid.

The troubled bank, Germany’s largest lender, anyway had lost more than half its market value this year but lost a further 7% following a report claiming the German government had ruled out financial help as the bank facing a possible $14bn payout to US regulators relating to the sale of mortgage-backed securities whcih helped trigger the crisis.

taxifaroThe Environment Ministry is circulating a proposed set of rules to regulate companies such as Uber and Cabify, the vehicle used and their drivers.

The new regulations cover electronic invoicing, vehicle age, driving lessons, insurance and the need for a specific type of driving licence for operators.

rodrigoRatoThe trial of a former IMF director and leading politician in Spain begins on Monday.

Rodrigo Rato stands accused of overseeing a “corrupt system” in which he, and other executives of the Spanish bank he headed, spent widely on hotels, parties and luxury items.

benneednhamExcavations began today in the search for the remains of Ben Needham following information that he accidentally was crushed by a digger and buried at a building site on the Greek island of Kos 25 years ago.

Investigators on the Greek island already have told Ben’s mother, Kerry Needham, to “prepare for the worst” as work begins in what may well be a long and painstaking search.