Tuesday, 30 May 2017
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pcpThe Communist leader Jerónimo de Sousa said in Faro today that the proposed 2014 state budget gave Cavaco Silva one simple choice.

"The budget is now in front of the President who, with his responsibilities and commitment to the defence of the Constitution, has one solution which is to use his veto and return the proposals to parliament in order to comply with Portugal’s Basic Laws in the true interests of the Portuguese," said Jerónimo de Sousa.

spanishflagThe Spanish government is planning to make money out of the frequent protests against it by establishing hefty fines.

The government has passed draft legislation which would impose fines of up to €30,000 for some offences, such as burning the national flag, insulting the state, or causing serious disturbances outside parliament.

prostituteFrance is to fine men who use prostitutes.

New legislation will shift criminal responsibility to clients and away from prostitutes.

The bill going through parliament is aimed at helping sex workers get free of pimps and organised criminal gangs.

londonThe growing number of technology and digital companies in London is turning the capital into Tech City.

The number has nearly doubled since 2010 when Tech City was launched by the prime minister to attract more digital companies.

tescoThe giant retailer Lidl has said it plans to double the number of its shops in the UK.

From an existing base of 600 stores, the German supermarket chain is to open at least 30 new ones every year until its goal is reached.

portugalA state that does not celebrate Restoration Day as a national holiday is a "bastard state "

The president of Assembeleia General of Portugal's ‘Independence Historical Society’ said today that "if the state does not celebrate December 1st as its main holiday it is a bastard state without values or dignity."

Gen. Jose Batista Pereira spoke at the official ceremony of homage to the heroes of the Restoration, on behalf of the President of the Independence Historical Society of Portugal, José Alarcão Troni.

farocamaraNew Faro mayor Rogerio Bacalhau has noted the rise in private accommodation such as villas, hostels, guest houses and hotels in the Faro region which has developed in parallel with the type of low-cost travel tourist that stays 1.8 days and does not spend over €100 a day.

In 2008 much accommodation closed down or was withdrawn from the market especially hostels and residential accommodation. There were ten hotels and two hostels back then.

4788A study on the economic impact of the introduction of tolls on the Via do Infante will be released shortly. It has been funded by the Junta de Andalucia, the government of the neighbouring Spanish region, and complied by respected journalist Carlos Castellanos.

A study has been promised by the Portuguese government since the tolls were unilaterally imposed on the Algarve region in 2011 yet interested and affected parties wait in vain for this promise to be carried out.