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Your Algarve News Highlights - October 14th 2023

Your Algarve News Highlights - October 14th 2023

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Cristiano Ronaldo sentenced to 100 lashes for kissing woman in Iran

During a recent visit to Iran, Cristiano Ronaldo was with artist Fatemeh Hamami, who offered him a painting and Ronaldo, as a gesture of gratitude, hugged and kissed the Iranian young woman.


According to the Italian television program TgLa7 , the Portuguese player is guilty of the crime of adultery, which, in Iran, is punishable by up to 100 lashes.


The incident occurred a month ago, when Cristiano Ronaldo visited the Persian Gulf country to play an Asian Champions League match against Persepolis, an Iranian team. Al-Nassr, the Portuguese player's team, ended up winning that game 2-0.


Ronaldo, during his visit to Iran, was with the Iranian artist Fatemeh Hamami. The woman is known for painting pictures with her feet because 85% of her body is paralyzed, due to complications at birth. Fatemeh, at the time, offered a painting to the Portuguese international who, as a gesture of gratitude, hugged and kissed the artist.


This gesture is prohibited in Iran and is considered adultery, all because the artist is single and Cristiano Ronaldo is married.


However, according to Portuguese newspaper, Jornal de Not√≠cias, ‚Äúwhat makes this case more surreal, at least for Western parameters, is that Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina are not married, at least as publicly known in the Portuguese civil registry. In fact, in March, in the documentary 'Soy Georgina' the Argentine stated that she ‚Äúfeels married‚ÄĚ to CR7, but that they never celebrated the marriage‚ÄĚ.



Portim√£o: 28 year old man dies in collision on EN125

A 28 year old man died in a collision between three cars yesterday afternoon, on the EN125 in Portimão, in the Chão das Donas area.


The accident also caused two minor injuries, according to information from a source at the Algarve Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command.


The two slightly injured were a 57 year old man and a 58 year old woman. They were both transported to Portim√£o Hospital.


The accident occurred in the Portim√£o-Lagos direction. Traffic was still closed in both directions of the EN125.


On site, providing assistance, were 24 emergency operatives, supported by 12 vehicles, from the Portim√£o Fire Department, GNR , PSP, INEM and Portuguese Red Cross.



Teacher from √Čvora placed in Quarteira: ‚ÄúI will consider living at a campsite‚ÄĚ

Dulce Figueiredo is from √Čvora, but has been placed to teach in Quarteira this year, over 200km from her home and family.


Dulce told CNN Portugal that she was lucky to have family in Quarteira who welcomed her, otherwise she might have had to live in a campsite.¬†‚ÄúWith a teacher's income it is not possible to have a permanent residence and then move and bear all the rent expenses,‚ÄĚ she explained.


The teacher explained that she been displaced for 20 years, commuting daily from her home in √Čvora to her workplace, but this has always been in Lisbon and surrounding areas until now. This year, the situation is just ridiculous.


Most teachers were displaced, placed in a school far from homes and families. The system is crazy, having to compete and wait to see if you are lucky enough to 'win' a placement close to home.


‚ÄúFortunately, I have family living in Quarteira, but if I had been placed elsewhere in the Algarve, I would have to consider live on a campsite, because with a teacher's income it is not possible to pay the high rental expenses, even just for a room,‚ÄĚ she said.


Dulce has brought one of her children with her, but because of limited space she has two other children who have to stay at their family home, in √Čvora.



Portim√£o: 230 athletes compete in the biggest adapted sailing championship in the world

Between October 14th and 21st, the waters of Portimão serve as the setting for the largest adapted sailing competition ever held worldwide, with 230 athletes competing. 


The Hansa Worlds Portim√£o Championship is proof that the sea and the wind are for everyone, regardless of their physical condition. Each sailor brings with them an inspiring story of struggle and overcoming.


Around 230 sailors from 18 countries compete for the title of world champion in different classes, according to their level of disability/conditioning.


This unique, truly inclusive event is organised by the Iate Clube Marina de Portim√£o and Vela Solid√°ria, a project that is part of the Teia D'Impulsos Association.


‚ÄúThe Hansa Worlds Portim√£o Championship will be the largest adapted sailing event ever held worldwide, playing a central role in terms of inclusion. The challenge covers all areas of society, including mobility, social inclusion and economic and cultural impact. It is a complex organisation with 11 management areas and in which more than 400 people will be involved daily‚ÄĚ, says Lu√≠s Brito, director of the event.


The same organisation was responsible for holding, also in Portim√£o, the European Adapted Sailing Championship in 2019. In this 2023 World Cup, the number of participants has practically doubled, divided between the 5 Hansa classes.


The Hansa Class is characterised by having vessels that are almost impossible to capsize, with a low center of gravity and a ballasted beam. It is possible to add electrical controls (servo) that help control the rudder and sails for those with motor disabilities.


Portugal already has an outstanding CV in Adapted Sailing. This year, the duo Guilherme Ribeiro and Pedro C√Ęncio Reis (from Vela Solid√°ria) became runner-up in the world of the adapted RS Venture Connect class, which took place in The Hague, in the Netherlands. This Portuguese team made its debut in world competitions in 2022, the year in which it reached 3rd place on the podium at the Adapted Sailing World Championship in Oman.


For eight days the skyline of Portim√£o will be flooded with candles, in an event that goes far beyond the sporting sphere.


Each sailor brings with them an inspiring story of struggle and overcoming, such as Mary Duffy, who despite having no arms insists on coming from Ireland, her home country. Equally remarkable will be the participation of Dutch Wilma Den Broek, who sails her vessel using wind power ‚Äď she has no arms or legs.


The presence of big names in Adapted Sailing is guaranteed at the Portim√£o World Cup, such as the Polish Piotr Cichocki, who has already participated in the Olympic Games and was world champion.


The opening ceremony of the Hansa Worlds Portim√£o Championship 2023 takes place on Saturday, October 15th, from 6:30 pm and will fill the Portim√£o City Hall square with sailors coming from seas around the world.



'TheFork Fest' means 50% discount at participating restaurants

The online restaurant reservation platform ‚ÄúTheFork‚ÄĚ have created a festival, ‚ÄúTheFork Fest‚ÄĚ, where participating restaurants will offer a 50% discount, with hundreds of restaurants across Portugal taking part.


In the Algarve, there are already 13 restaurants that have already joined the festival and will offer the 50% off their menu, excluding drinks. 


The Festival begins this Thursday, October 12th and lasts more than a month, ending on November 26th.


Find out now which restaurants in the Algarve are offering the 50% discount HERE.


This festival covers the entire country, so you can also travel further afield and discover a new restaurant gem, at 50% off!



Rainy and unstable weather expected from Friday

After several weeks with temperatures well above average and a sunny environment, rain is set to return to the country within a few days, in the form of a cold front.


Forecasts by Alfredo Graça, geographer and editor-in-chief of Meteored Portugal, indicate rainy and unstable weather from Friday, October 13th.


The cold front will pass through during part of Friday 13th and Saturday 14th, distributing rain unevenly between the various regions, concentrating mainly further north of the country. However, the meteorological instability will not stop there, on Sunday 15th, the arrival of an atmospheric river is expected.


What is an atmospheric river?
The phenomenon that will intensify the rain in mainland Portugal within a few days is known as an atmospheric river. An atmospheric river is a long, narrow, transitional strip in which horizontal transport of water vapour occurs. This water vapor is supplied by tropical and/or extratropical moisture sources. The atmospheric rivers that affect mainland Portugal originate in the Atlantic and are responsible for carrying temperate and very humid subtropical air. The precipitation resulting from this is usually abundant.


Among the possible effects of the atmospheric river, there is rain that could be locally heavy, a sharp drop in maximum temperatures and wind that will blow moderate to strong.


On the way to reaching mainland Portugal on Sunday, the depression with the atmospheric river, will cross a very hot sea surface, which will contribute to the stimulation of water vapour that will serve as ‚Äúfuel‚ÄĚ for the intensification of the rain. The possibility of the rain being accompanied by thunderstorms cannot be excluded.



Investigation requested into death of marine species in Ria Formosa

The People, Animals and Nature Party (PAN) of the Algarve, have alerted the responsible authorities to the need for an investigation in the Manta Rota beach area, due to the appearance of dozens of lifeless fish and bivalves along the coastline.


This comes after an "alert from the local community of a nauseating odour predominant in the area".


PAN highlights that this situation is not an isolated incident, with an identical scenario happening in 2022, again with the presence of hundreds of dead fish and bivalves on Faro beach, at the entrance to Quinta do Lago.

"In August of this year, a green stain appeared in the region, identified by authorities as cake dye, supposedly free of polluting properties. We intend to clarify whether there is any correlation between this incident or other possible discharges and the recent deaths of dozens of " declares Sa√ļl Rosa, representative of PAN Algarve.

The group emphasises the importance that these investigations, whether scientifically or conducted by the authorities, receive additional attention, given the relevance of "this heritage that is the Ria a Formosa, which must be safeguarded against any disturbing factor for the local fauna and flora" .

PAN says that it has already sent photographic documentation and videos to the competent authorities, including the Maritime Police, as well as the Portuguese Environment Agency, among other entities.



Tavira: Santa Luzia wants removal of 'cancerous' antennas

The population of the parish of Santa Luzia, in Tavira, have been outraged at the existence of several telecommunications antennas installed in the residential area, since 2003.


The equipment is placed a few metres from homes, when regulations say that they must be far from residential areas. And the discontent of those who live near these antennas is based on a single point: the population relates the existence of that equipment to the growing number of cancer cases among the local population.


In recent years there have been reports of approximately 30 cases of illness, in which half of the people have already died. And many continue to fight the disease.


This scenario led the president of the Santa Luzia Parish Council,¬†Carla Martins, to present a petition last May at the Tavira City Council. However, Martins has been unavailable to speak to news agencies, contacted twice ‚Äď on consecutive days ‚Äď by cell phone, when she, for scheduling reasons, set a time for a reporter from to contact her again. But at the agreed time, and on both days, the cell phone was turned off. Dissatisfied with this, the reporter also sent a text message to the president of the board, reiterating the desire to know what she had to say.
As yet, they did not receive any response to the SMS or return the phone call.


Soon after the installation of this equipment, some people raised their voices of discontent. But the number of antennas has not decreased. On the contrary. ‚ÄúRecently some gentlemen came here to install more antennas, but several people rebelled and they left. But later, without anyone noticing, they came back and finished the work‚ÄĚ, Carlos Belhy, former president of the Board.


‚ÄúPeople act like this because they are afraid of what could happen to them. Many have died in recent times‚ÄĚ, says one of the most heard voices against the existence of antennas close to homes. ‚ÄúWe know the antennas are necessary, but place them far away from here. These people need to live in peace.‚ÄĚ


One of the cases that most shocked the community was the diagnosis of oncological disease in a child, just six years old at the time, the granddaughter of a well-known doctor in the parish, which led the minor's parents to abandon the house where the family had lived until then.


According to Carlos Belhy, the mayor of Tavira has been confronted with this reality in several municipal assemblies. ‚ÄúShe said she can‚Äôt do anything because the land is private, but that‚Äôs not justification. The law also says that the last word belongs to the president of the municipality, who confirmed that he had not recently authorized the installation of any antennas‚ÄĚ.


The councilor argues that explanations should be requested from the entities responsible for the antennas and demands more supervision and the urgent removal of the controversial antennas. According to the former president of the Board, only the first antennas were placed with municipal authorization, around 20 years ago. “They even came to my house to measure the radiation, which hit my daughter's room more intensely.


When the results came out, they told me that the radiation levels were very low and could not cause any damage, but no one ever showed me these conclusions‚ÄĚ, reports Carlos Belhy, who also owns a house next to the antennas.


Local authority wants to know what the risks are for the population
The Mayor of Tavira, in response to some questions posed by Postal do Algarve related to the fears of the population of Bairro Social de Santa Luzia, confirmed that ‚Äúthe infrastructure installations of radiocommunications stations have been licensed since 2003 under the terms of the DL n. 11/2003‚ÄĚ, adding that ‚Äúthe owner of this structure did not provide the municipality with any communication regarding the replacement of the antennas‚ÄĚ.


Therefore, Ana Paula Martins asked the Chamber's inspection service to ‚Äútry to identify the company that develops the installation and operation of the antennas, so that a request for clarification on the equipment in question can be addressed, namely the technical characteristics‚ÄĚ.


Finally, the mayor says that she asked ANACOM, on 8th August this year, for ‚Äúseveral clarifications in order to assess the risk to the health of the population, especially those residing in the vicinity‚ÄĚ of the antennas.



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ÔĽŅAlgarve Senior Bikers explore Douro and Paiva

In the beginning of October an international group of six experienced riders from the Algarve Senior Bikers (ASB) set out to explore the Douro and Paiva river valleys in northern Portugal.



Currency Market Update - 13th October 2023



Throughout this week both GBP and EUR have outperformed the USD, until Thursday afternoon. Strong inflation data was released for the US and the trajectory for a potential further rate hike from the Federal Reserve is back on the table, at least that’s the market census for now.




A bespoke family home in a sublime riverside location. West-central Algarve location

Immersive water and rural views from the amazing pool, tiled deck, garden, and terrace as well as from most rooms within the property. The outdoor spaces are abundant with colourful, indigenous planting with the villa itself being approached via a calçada stone driveway behind electronic gates.



Carvoeiro: 4 bedroom villa, just a short stroll to the beach

Spacious 4 bedroom villa with pool for sale, with garage and sea views, located only a short stroll to Carvoeiro beach.



Outstanding 5 bedroom, single storey villa & annex on the outskirts of Vilamoura

Splendid 5 Bedroom, single storey villa with heated swimming pool, set in a plot of land of about 7300sqm with magnificent garden, vegetable garden and large swimming pool. In addition, the property has a small 2 bedroom house annex.



3 Bedroom Townhouse with private garden & pool, Praia da Luz

Lovely 3 bedroom townhouse with a private garden and swimming pool,for sale in Praia da Luz, close to all amenities and the beach.




Lady In Red - Galeria De Arte opens a brand new gallery

Today marks the opening of the brand-new Lady In Red - Galeria De Arte, in Portimão, with an inauguratin event from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.



ARTLINK collective : Guadiana Music Festival - October 2023

ARTLINK is a visual arts collective living in and around the centre of the Algarve.  The collective showcases a diverse spectrum of artist styles, including painting, photography, sculpture and digital composition.



Amigos de M√ļsica concerts in October 2023



In October 2023, the AMIGOS DE M√öSICA will present 2 concerts with 2 exceptional pianists playing solo or with four hands: multi-faceted IRINA CHKOURINDINA from Geneva and ALEKSANDR SHAIKIN, winner of many international contests who just recently left Russia.



Castro Marim Golf Club Charity Golf Day Fundraiser - Jan 26th 2024

Castro Marim Golf Club and the Somos Esperança Associação de Solidariedade Charity invite you to a Charity Golf Day Fundraiser on January 26th 2024, to raise funds to care for and feed the homeless in Olhão.



BLiP EXPO 2023 - Making Life Better, Oct 14th & 15th

afpop, organisers of BLiP since 2001, say that this Lifestyle event is for everyone and not just their 10,000 Members.  If you have interests in Portugal, whatever your nationality, then BLiP has been created with the aim of Making your Life Better.  No other exhibition brings together the exhibitor and visitor in a face-to-face situation, without distraction and without obligation, under one roof, in an informal yet professional ambience. 




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