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Where to buy a property abroad in 2020

Where to buy a property abroad in 2020In 2019 we had a steady number of enquiries from people interested in purchasing a property abroad as exchange rates more or less stayed the same throughout the year. Some spikes were occasionally seen due to the Brexit date being moved around and people wondering if it would ever happen.

Tour the Algarve with Ideal Homes International

Tour the Algarve with Ideal Homes InternationalThe Algarve, Portugal, is full of truly amazing sights, sounds and investment potential! Once you've experienced it for yourself we're sure you'll agree which is why we're inviting you to travel to the Algarve between 25th-29th February, 2020.
Join our experts to find out all about the buying process, tax, legalities, mortgage options, rental returns, Golden Visas, the benefits of investing in the Algarve and more.

Open More Doors in 2020!

Open More Doors in 2020!We hope you enjoyed your Christmas break and wish you a very Happy 2020!  Just before Christmas we always see the property market slow down a little, with everyone concentrating on their festive celebrations. Once the New Year arrives, we witness a rise in interest in purchasing and selling property, more online property searches, lots more phone calls and emails, and an increase in walk-ins to our Algarve village centre shop.

Just a few days into 2020 has proven exactly that, in the first week in January 2020 we had 3 properties Under Offer!

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