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Cristiano Ronaldo sentenced to 100 lashes for kissing woman in Iran

Photo from Instagram - CRISTIANO RONALDO SENTENCED TO 100 LASHES FOR KISSING WOMAN IN IRANDuring a recent visit to Iran, Cristiano Ronaldo was with artist Fatemeh Hamami, who offered him a painting and Ronaldo, as a gesture of gratitude, hugged and kissed the Iranian young woman.

According to the Italian television program TgLa7 , the Portuguese player is guilty of the crime of adultery, which, in Iran, is punishable by up to 100 lashes.

The incident occurred a month ago, when Cristiano Ronaldo visited the Persian Gulf country to play an Asian Champions League match against Persepolis, an Iranian team. Al-Nassr, the Portuguese player's team, ended up winning that game 2-0.

Ronaldo, during his visit to Iran, was with the Iranian artist Fatemeh Hamami. The woman is known for painting pictures with her feet because 85% of her body is paralyzed, due to complications at birth. Fatemeh, at the time, offered a painting to the Portuguese international who, as a gesture of gratitude, hugged and kissed the artist.

This gesture is prohibited in Iran and is considered adultery, all because the artist is single and Cristiano Ronaldo is married.

However, according to Portuguese newspaper, Jornal de Notícias, “what makes this case more surreal, at least for Western parameters, is that Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina are not married, at least as publicly known in the Portuguese civil registry. In fact, in March, in the documentary 'Soy Georgina' the Argentine stated that she “feels married” to CR7, but that they never celebrated the marriage”.

Photo from Instagram

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0 #2 Editor 2023-10-18 11:22
0 #1 Steve 2023-10-18 10:40
I was wondering how long it would take for ADN to realise that it's click bait headline is nothing more than fake news.

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