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Portimão: 28 year old man dies in collision on EN125

PORTIMÃO: 28 YEAR OLD MAN DIES IN COLLISION ON EN125A 28 year old man died in a collision between three cars yesterday afternoon, on the EN125 in Portimão, in the Chão das Donas area.

The accident also caused two minor injuries, according to information from a source at the Algarve Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command.

The two slightly injured were a 57 year old man and a 58 year old woman. They were both transported to Portimão Hospital.

The accident occurred in the Portimão-Lagos direction. Traffic was still closed in both directions of the EN125.

On site, providing assistance, were 24 emergency operatives, supported by 12 vehicles, from the Portimão Fire Department, GNR , PSP, INEM and Portuguese Red Cross.

Source https://postal.pt/ - Photo Nuno Alfarrobinha | CM

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