Thursday, 30 March 2017
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Silence settles over McCann’s “costly” court defeatSince news that the parents of Madeleine McCann have lost their third court bid for damages against former PJ coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, relative silence has settled over the British media.

Only one tabloid appears to be flying provocative headlines, while it has been left to a fringe news site to put them into ‘journalese’.

The Daily Star proclaimed yesterday that the “Fund set up to find missing Madeleine Mccann could be wiped out”.

IKEA worker dies at Loulé construction siteA Loulé woman employed by a company working on the IKEA site was killed this morning in what has been described as a work accident.

According to CMTV, 37-year-old Marta Costa was crushed by falling pallets. This was the second work-related fatality to take place at the site, now just days from completion.

Bloodbath in Barcelos as ex-con wearing electronic tag butchers four, including heavily pregnant 37-year-oldA bloody rampage in Barcelos this morning has ended with four people stabbed to death - including a heavily-pregnant woman aged 37.

The alleged attacker has surrendered to police. According to Jornal de Notícias he is a man with convictions for violence, under police surveillance and wearing an electronic tag.

Moroccan refugees to Portugal suspected of recruiting terrorists for DaeshThey arrived in Lisbon on a flight from Casablanca in 2013. SEF border controls flagged their false passports, and the two Moroccans - neither ostensibly travelling together - gave similar stories of how this was the “only way” to flee a country where they were being persecuted.

Breaking news stories last night explain how the two men were given refugee status, housed in an asylum centre in Bobadela, Loures (on the outskirts of Lisbon) but were really “two Daesh terrorists” who then set about spreading their extremist ideology “trying to recruit new members” in this country.

Portuguese caught up in London terror attack says: “I was so lucky”Twenty-six-year-old Francisco Lopes was one of the many nationalities caught up in yesterday’s terrorist attack outside London’s Houses of Parliament.

He was crossing the road to catch the Tube as the ‘lone wolf’ killer started mowing pedestrians down in his 4x4 Hyundai.

Large international investors burnt in BES debacle “threaten Portugal”With the nation focusing on immediate banking woes - like the frightening level of debt emerging from Montepio and CGD’s bid to ‘rise up’ from despond - a much more insidious financial story has started to bubble to the surface.

It began on Wednesday, with stories of “a group of major international investors who lost money with BES advising that now is the time for a deal”.

The tone was interpreted in some quarters as these investors “threatening Portugal”.

President Marcelo disappoints AlgarveIt’s the hottest issue in the Algarve today – overriding anger about motorway tolls, the destruction of fishing communities on Ria Formosa and the threat of feldspar mining in Monchique. But for some inexplicable reason, powermakers in Lisbon are lying about it.

From the Minister of the Sea to the President of the Republic, the last week has seen lies and obfuscation over the small print of gas and oil contracts in force up and down the country reach ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ levels of lunacy.

It is as if Lisbon believes that the more an assertion is repeated, the greater the chance of people believing it.

Brits opting for dual nationality as Brexit moves forwards“Various British residents in the Algarve” are considering applying for dual nationality to weather Brexit, British ambassador Kirsty Hayes admitted to Lusa news agency.

It is not a tactic that the embassy deals with, as it is the “responsibility of the Portuguese government”, but it is clearly being seen as a sensible way forwards considering the aftermath of Britain’s exit remains a grey area.