Thursday, 19 October 2017
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barrilThe Algarve region’s hotels had more guests this August than last and they spent more money.

The number of guests was up 1.9% from a year ago but the revenue was even more encouraging as an 11.7% rise meant that wallets were open, especially German ones.

fireforest"No, I will not ask for a resignation," said Portugal’s Minister of Home Affairs, Constança Urbano de Sousa, answering questions in parliament during a debate to discuss the conclusions of the report into the July fire at Pedrógão Grande.

The minister stood by the commander and senior National Civil Defence Authority managers who were criticised in the damning report submitted yesterday by Independent Technical Committee, chaired by João Guerreiro, the former rector of the University of the Algarve.

isisA counterterrorism expert says that intelligence services in many European countries are becoming more experienced, which may push terrorists into targeting Portugal.

The Israeli counterterrorism expert, Boaz Ganor, said that the growing numbers of tourists in Portugal and the increased security measures and skills in neighboring countries make Portugal "a convenient place" for terrorist organisations to plan and target their attacks.

FireLeiriaSmallCarsOne of two commissioned reports on the devastating and fatal fires of June 17th at Pedrógão Grande and Góis, has been delivered to parliament by the head of the Independent Technical Committee, João Guerreiro, the former rector of the University of the Algarve.

The fire caused 64 deaths and more than 200 injuries and took a week to extinguish. Of the fatalities, 47 people lost their lives on the EN236 as they tried to escape from the fire in their vehicles.

hurricaneHurricane Ophelia is moving north across the Atlantic ocean, towards Ireland and Scotland and is due to affect only the northern part of the coast of mainland Portugal on Sunday, but only as a ‘post-cyclical cyclone,’ according to the Spanish State Meteorological Agency.

The phenomenon will lead to high winds and rough seas in the north but will not cause severe rainfall, the agency predicts.

cycloneOphelia already has become a category 1 hurricane and forecast models include its arrival at the coast of Portugal in the next few days. This would be the third recorded hurricane to hit Portugal in the county's recorded weather history.

Tropical storm Ophelia hit the hurricane category at 9:35 pm on Wednesday and the first forecast models released on Wednesday do not rule out mainland Portugal and the Açores from the hurricane’s path.

taxThe Government intends to double the VAT threshold to €20,000 in a move that will delight countless small traders for whom the task of completing VAT returns is another drag on their time and business efficiency.

The good news gets better as the government also intends that VAT accounting will only start to become obligatory when the taxable person exceeds the €20,000 "in three consecutive calendar years or whenever it is exceeded, in a single year, by more than 25%."

socratesVRSAThe charges have been listed by the Public Prosecutor as Operation Marquês winds up and the paperwork is collated to prosecute José Sócrates, Ricardo Salgado, Zeinal Bava, Henrique Granadeiro and Armando Vara among other luminaries of the Portuguese elite, all of whom face full exposure in court for their involvement in a corrupt alliance between business and politics.

After an investigation lasting nearly four years, the Public Prosecutor's Office today, October 11th, filed charges against 28 defendants, 9 of them companies, under Operation Marquês, marking 'the end of the beginning' of this complex case assembled by the Public Prosecutor's office with the invaluable help of the Tax Authority.