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Your Algarve News Highlights - March 30th 2024

Your Algarve News Highlights - March 30th 2024

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Portuguese MotoGP Grand Prix increased business turnover in the Algarve by 13%

Analytical data organisation Reduniq Insights announced today that the the Portuguese MotoGP Grand Prix, held last weekend in Portimão, increased business turnover in the region by 13% during the event.


According to Reduniq Insights, business turnover in the Algarve grew between March 22nd and 24th of this year compared to the period from March 24th to 26th 2023, when the same event took place the previous year.

The increase was “more significant in foreign turnover (+ 16%) than in national turnover (+ 11%)”, with the UK representing 11% of total turnover, followed by Ireland and Germany with 8% and 5%, respectively.

Regarding the total income for various sectors, “the categories of restaurants (+17%), traditional food retail (+17%) and hotels and tourist activities (+12%) stand out”, with foreign turnover increasing 19%, 18% and 14% in these categories, respectively.

On race Sunday (March 24th, 2024), turnover and the number of transactions increased by 22% and 21%, respectively, compared to last year's race Sunday.

“This positive performance corroborates the economic impact estimates made by Turismo do Algarve and the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (AIA), of around €80 million and close to 200,000 people attending," said Tiago Oom, official spokesperson for Reduniq Insights.



Faro: two young people arrested for attempted murder

Yesterday, the Judiciary Police (PJ) arrested two young people, aged 18 and 23, due to strong evidence of the crime of attempted homicide with a knife, in Faro on Tuesday.


“The victim, a 44-year-old man, was seriously attacked, using a sharp weapon, and was assisted at the time by emergency services and subsequently taken to the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve”, say the PJ in a statement.


“The reason for the aggression was that the victim, the owner of a commercial establishment, refused to serve one of the attackers a drink after closing time”, say the police.


One of the suspected men was tracked down by the Republican National Guard 24 hours after the attack, and was arrested after the GNR found evidence.


After further investigation, the other attacker was also arrested. The pair are related.


The young people were brought before the judicial authority, and are in preventive detention.



DECO wants Algarve municipalities to give more help to the public to save water

The Portuguese Consumer Protection Association (DECO) is asking that municipalities in the Algarve create support lines to allow consumers to purchase equipment to save water and combat water poverty.


Susana Correia, from DECO Algarve, argued that local authorities should find financing methods to support the public in buying equipment that aids in the reduction of water consumption, instead of betting on tariff increases - as initially announced, which would increase the economic difficulties that populations already feel.

Stressing that DECO is in favour and considers it necessary to introduce measures to save water resources that are in a situation of scarcity due to the drought that has hit the Algarve, she highlighted the importance of consumers having access to equipment that allows them to increase savings and monitor their consumption in their homes.

“Saving water should not weigh heavily on consumers’ pockets. Many measures have been discussed, and consumers have been asked to turn off the tap. Every now and then we hear about the possibility of increasing water tariffs, but DECO thinks that this should not be the way to go for now."

“Consumers have no way of becoming more efficient in the use of water in their homes” and, with Consumer Month, which takes place in March, DECO “makes it a priority to ensure that no one should be left behind” in the fight against water scarcity.

“To this end, we are appealing to Algarve municipalities and the Intermunicipal Community (AMAL), to create support lines or promote collective purchases specifically aimed at purchasing equipment, devices, solutions that allow consumers to use water in their homes more efficiently, monitor its consumption and also store rainwater”, say DECO.

Susana Correia said it was necessary, “in addition to asking families to save water”, that “savings could be made on families’ wallets” and they could make “a real contribution” to reducing water consumption in the region.

The Algarve has been on alert due to drought since February 5th, and the Government has approved a set of measures to restrict consumption, namely a 15% reduction in the urban sector, including tourism, and a 25% reduction in agriculture.

In addition to these measures, there are others such as combating losses in supply networks, the use of treated water to irrigate green spaces, streets and golf courses or the suspension of the granting of titles for the use of water resources.

The Government has already admitted to increasing the level of restrictions, declaring a state of environmental emergency or calamity, if the measures now implemented are insufficient.



Weather warning: Algarve can expect 12 metre waves

Faro is one of 10 districts under orange warning over the next few days, due to maritime unrest. Waves could reach 12 metres high.


The warning is in effect between 3:00pm on Tuesday 26th March and 9:00am on Wednesday 27th March, and then returns between 3:00am on Thursday 28th March and 00:00am on Friday 29th March.


10 the districts on the continent that will be under orange warning this Tuesday due to the forecast of strong sea agitation, with waves that can reach 12 meters. Winds may reach up to 85 kilometres an hour.


The orange warning is issued by IPMA whenever there is a “moderate to high risk meteorological situation".


The worsening of weather conditions in the coming days, with rain and strong wind, means that there may be flooding “in historically more vulnerable places” and in urban areas.


The general public are advised not to walk near cliffs and cliff areas, or do activities near the sea.



GNR begin their 'Operation Easter 2024' road safety campaign

The GNR has already started the road safety “Operation Easter 2024”, which will intensify from today until April 1st, involving roadside inspections, patrolling and awareness-raising activities throughout the country.


The operation aims to combat crime, contribute to reducing road accidents, regulate traffic and support pedestrians and drivers.


The GNR say that traditionally, the Easter season “is characterised by the reunion of families in their home counties and, as it corresponds to the school holiday period, a significant increase in road traffic on Portuguese roads is consequently expected”. The highest volume of traffic is expected to be seen between Thursday 28th March and Monday April 1st.


In their statement, the GNR say that the operation goes beyond the basics, also being aimed at festivities, events, residential and commercial areas, as well as monitoring traffic flow on critical roads.



More news next week!




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New study reveals Europe is home to the world’s bluest water

According to new research by the travel experts at CV Villas, Europe is home to the world's bluest seas - beating the likes of Bora Bora and the Maldives. 



Google Ads optimisation – DIY weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly to-do lists

Who doesn’t enjoy a project that’s a ‘set and forget’ kind of deal, right? But let’s face it, in the realm of digital marketing, the only thing truly ‘set and forget’ is that sandwich lingering in the office fridge (the one with the mystery expiration date that no one wants to talk about!) and certainly not your Google Ads optimisation.



Detectives Aren't Perfect

There was rather a portly TV detective called Frank Cannon, played by the late William Conrad, who used to pursue criminals on foot at such a slow pace that it sometimes appeared he was running backwards.  To the bakery or pie shop, perhaps. 



RCEPI - Helping students with their futures

Rotary Club Estoi Palace International (RCEPI) hosted two events on March 21st to support students in planning for their futures.



NEW Dementia Support Group – Lagoa

The Algarve branch of Alzheimer Portugal will start the first Dementia Support Group in the Algarve, with weekly meetings beginning April 19th 2024.



Currency Market Update - 27th March 2024

This morning we’ve seen a basket of Euro data released from France, Spain and The Euro-Zone. Although preliminary Spanish Inflation data for March suggests a slight rise in prices, Consumer confidence across the bloc improved throughout March with possibilities of an interest rate cut on the horizon. Sticking with Europe, we have some pretty weighted data out tomorrow for Germany, in particular their Retail Sales for February and their unemployment figures for March.




Luxurious 2 Bedroom Duplex Apartment In Vale do Lobo

Step into luxury as you enter this first-floor duplex apartment, nestled within the prestigious Vale do Lobo Resort, offering stunning views from it's spacious roof top terrace!



Ourique: 5 Hectare Country Estate For Sale

This 3/4 bedroomed en suite spacious country home, with 2 large storage areas of 22m2 and 16m2, is set in a 5.125 hectares of private landscaped land, fully fenced.



Lagos: Spacious 2 Bedroom Duplex apartment, just 1 min walk from Meia Praia Beach

This stunning 2 bedroom duplex apartment is located in a beautiful urbanization on Meia Praia beach in Lagos, just a minute's walk from the golden sands, offering the perfect blend of coastal living and urban convenience.




Calling all Charities, Volunteers, Charity Enthusiasts - let's get together!

Hello all Charities, Volunteers, Charity Enthusiasts and those who want to know more about Charitable efforts! 



Natural Hazards Preparedness Survey

Safe Communities Portugal  woul like your help please, in undertaking this short survey, to establish the current level of risk awareness and preparedness among communities.



Cat Charity Walk - April 13th

Join our Cat Charity Walk on April 13th, to help raise funds for the Mr No Ears Cat Haven's external project, "Silves Street Cats".



Cookery workshop "Flavours of the Portuguese Spice Route" - April 9th

Flavours of the Portuguese Spice Route: A Journey Through Africa. Join us as we sail the Spice Route. We will follow in the footsteps of Bartolomeu Dias, the first European explorer to sail around the southern tip of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope. 



Amigos de Música concerts in April 2024


For our next AMIGOS’ CONCERTS on April 9th  and 11th  2024, we are very happy to announce a young Italian pianist LEONARDO PIERDOMENICO who will come to Portugal for the second time to play for the AMIGOS DE MÚSICA.




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