Google Ads optimisation – DIY weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly to-do lists

Google Ads optimisation – DIY weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly to-do listsWho doesn’t enjoy a project that’s a ‘set and forget’ kind of deal, right? But let’s face it, in the realm of digital marketing, the only thing truly ‘set and forget’ is that sandwich lingering in the office fridge (the one with the mystery expiration date that no one wants to talk about!) and certainly not your Google Ads optimisation.

Now, jokes aside, managing your Google Ads account isn’t the type of task you want to tuck away into the depths of your to-do list for decades. Unless, of course, you’re fond of that thrilling ‘let’s-see-how-much-budget-we-can-misplace-today’ game. Spoiler alert – it’s not as entertaining as it sounds!

We understand that Google Ads is like a vast universe where you can continuously conjure up new ideas and tweak existing ones. But diving into deep account optimisation? That’s no doubt a complex challenge that demands time, effort, and a dollop of patience.

But fear not! If you’re here, chances are you’ve embraced the DIY approach to Google Ads, squeezing it here and there between your main focus tasks. In such a scenario, having a plan and a prioritised checklist is crucial. Because let’s face it, Google Ads optimisation is an adventure, and every adventurer needs a road map (and maybe a snack for the journey!).

Today, we’ve got several checklists lined up for you to breeze through the year with a top-notch Google Ads game plan. Now, before you start protesting with a ‘this seems a tad too minimal for my grand success ambitions’, let us clarify: each account is as unique as a fingerprint, tailored to the business model and goals of every company. Our suggested lists serve as the Olympic entry standard guidelines – the baseline – so feel free to spice it up and enrich your strategy. The sky’s the limit but starting here ensures you’re on the right track. And remember, the quest for optimal Google Ads optimisation is a marathon, not a sprint.

So, let´s jump directly into our Google Ads optimisation checklists!

Weekly Plan

We wouldn’t want this one to morph into a time-consuming behemoth; after all, we’re not here to rob your working day of too much time on a regular basis. The primary objective is a quick check-in, ensuring there are no sudden errors or peculiar changes in overall performance. Ideally, performing this task 2-3 times per week would be stellar, but if your schedule grants only a single day, fear not, here’s your concise to-do list:

  • Navigate to the Campaigns tab and ensure that all intended campaigns are actively running. Keep a keen eye for any new alerts Google might have sprinkled onto your campaigns’ status; we certainly don’t want the ominous ‘limited by policy’ to sneak up on you unnoticed. Also, check the general notifications placed in the top menu.
  • While still on the same tab, delve into the intricacies of your budget planning for the month. Gauge the overall cost to date, cross-reference it with the daily budget, and make a quick estimate to ensure you’re cruising within the predefined monthly spending limits. If you have any exact KPIs to reach this month, check on your progress towards them as well. You don’t want to wake up one day before the end of the month to the fact you haven´t reached your goals and overspent your budget.
  • Take a detour to your Policy Manager and double-check to confirm that none of your account elements are inexplicably blocked by some policy that defies all logic. If you stumble upon anything weird, don’t hesitate to file an appeal.
  • Head over to Recommendations - Auto-Apply – History and have a look at what the cunning AI has been orchestrating behind the scenes in your account while you were away. If you spot something that doesn’t align with your vision, don’t be swayed by the thought, ‘Google probably knows better than me’. Take charge and promptly roll back any changes you disagree with.

Monthly Plan

Consider this your ‘main Google Ads optimisation routine’ – a monthly rendezvous where you invest some quality time to set the stage for a more relaxed rest of the month:

  • Time to give your campaigns a date with their KPIs! Check the performance results, shuffle that budget accordingly, and draft a to-do list for those underperformers. This optimisation session is like a superhero mission – tackle that list and save the day!
  • Keywords, it’s showtime! Adjust bids (if applicable) and send the underperformers on a temporary hiatus, if needed. Think of it as a talent show where only the shining stars get to stay on stage.
  • Dive into the Search terms report and do some detective work. Anything sneaky in places it shouldn’t be? Add it to the negative keywords list.
  • Time for a Price Extensions check-up! Make sure those prices and links are all still valid. If anything needs a glow-up, you know what to do.
  • Google’s automated assets had a party in your account this month! Open each ad like you’re on a treasure hunt, find the ‘automatically created’ gems (we wish they were always gems, right?!), and delete anything that’s does not make sense to you or your business. It’s spring-cleaning time for your digital space – declutter without mercy!
  • Do not forget your recommendations tab! Google has suggestions galore, as we´ve talked before. Review, apply or dismiss as per your strategy. Don’t be shy about rejecting Google’s ideas – the algorithm might be smart, but it doesn’t know your business like you do! It’s your strategy, your rules, your profits.

Quarterly plan

Every quarter, spice up your monthly routine with some extra TLC for your digital strategy:

  • Perform a conversion action check-up. Ensure everything meant to be tracked is doing its job error-free, and review all settings. See if any new actions need to be set up and added to the account.
  • Time to review all your ad copy and assets. Spot a new keyword champion? Incorporate it into the ad copy. Your offer changed or you have launched a new service? It´s time to tell the world about it. You want your ads to be as accurate as possible. Also, consider improving all the less well-performing assets.
  • Dust off your negative keywords list. What was a no-go last quarter might be today’s hot cake. Remove all the negatives of the newly added offerings. It’s like decluttering your closet – refreshing and essential. Make it a routine, and you’ll always be safe in this category.
  • Take a deep dive into Insights for the latest trends. Then, hit the Keyword Planner for some keyword treasure hunting. Your collection deserves some new proud possessions! It’s like updating your playlist but with keywords – stay current, stay cool.

Annual plan

Time to set the annual stage for your Google Ads triumph! While bi-annual check-ins might be a wiser option, make sure to dedicate some time at least once a year to:

  • Embrace the big picture – take a comprehensive look at your account over the last 365 days vs. the previous year. Are your results catching the upward breeze of improvement?
  • KPIs take the spotlight yet again – dive deep into your Key Performance Indicators, with profitability being the main star of the show. Craft a plan for a budget distribution that screams success. And if it seems like nothing is going in the right direction? Before you decide to double the budget and ‘see what happens’, check this article with some ideas on how to tackle this situation.
  • Take a sneak peek at the competition – become a secret agent in your industry! Explore Auction Insights, spy on competitors’ ads in the search, visit their websites, dissect their offerings, and pricing policies. Why? Because Google Ads isn’t the final frontier. Your clients are comparing you to your competition all the time, and you want to be the shiniest star for them, don’t you? Also, it’s not just useful, it’s downright thrilling, isn’t it?

And there you have it – your Google Ads optimisation plan for the year. Feel free to expand it based on your campaign types or delve deeper into the intricacies. But if time is playing hard to get, this plan is an excellent starting point.

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