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Weather warning: Algarve can expect 12 metre waves

WEATHER WARNING: ALGARVE CAN EXPECT 12 METRE WAVESFaro is one of 10 districts under orange warning over the next few days, due to maritime unrest. Waves could reach 12 metres high.

The warning is in effect between 3:00pm on Tuesday 26th March and 9:00am on Wednesday 27th March, and then returns between 3:00am on Thursday 28th March and 00:00am on Friday 29th March.

10 the districts on the continent that will be under orange warning this Tuesday due to the forecast of strong sea agitation, with waves that can reach 12 meters. Winds may reach up to 85 kilometres an hour.

The orange warning is issued by IPMA whenever there is a “moderate to high risk meteorological situation".

The worsening of weather conditions in the coming days, with rain and strong wind, means that there may be flooding “in historically more vulnerable places” and in urban areas.

The general public are advised not to walk near cliffs and cliff areas, or do activities near the sea.

Photo courtesy of Depositphotos.com

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