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Sailors from the Yacht Club Marina Portimão win first place in world rankings

SAILORS FROM THE YACHT CLUB MARINA PORTIMÃO WIN FIRST PLACE IN WORLD RANKINGSFor the first time in the history of Sailing in Portugal, our country has won 1st position in the Para World Sailing rankings.

Sailors Guilherme Ribeiro and Pedro Câncio Reis from the Yacht Club Marina Portimão have won first place in the world ranking of adapted sailing, after being crowned runners-up last year.

Their success is "a reflection of dedicated work and enormous effort on the part of the two sailors and their coach Luís Brito", says a statement from the Teia D' Impulsos association, the Social, Cultural and Sporting Club of Portimão. The association explained that this feat was possible as a result of support and partnerships, namely from the Municipality of Portimão, the Portuguese Sailing Federation and other partners that allowed better conditions for sailors in preparation for major international races.

In second place in the world rankings are the French Ange Margaron and Olivier Ducruix, current world champions, and in third place the English duo Adam Billany and Emily Wright. The Portuguese team has a total of 372 points - three more than the French pair and 5 more than the English pair.

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