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GNR begin their 'Operation Easter 2024' road safety campaign

GNR BEGIN THEIR 'OPERATION EASTER 2024' ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGNThe GNR has already started the road safety “Operation Easter 2024”, which will intensify from today until April 1st, involving roadside inspections, patrolling and awareness-raising activities throughout the country.

The operation aims to combat crime, contribute to reducing road accidents, regulate traffic and support pedestrians and drivers.

The GNR say that traditionally, the Easter season “is characterised by the reunion of families in their home counties and, as it corresponds to the school holiday period, a significant increase in road traffic on Portuguese roads is consequently expected”. The highest volume of traffic is expected to be seen between Thursday 28th March and Monday April 1st.

In their statement, the GNR say that the operation goes beyond the basics, also being aimed at festivities, events, residential and commercial areas, as well as monitoring traffic flow on critical roads.


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