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DECO wants Algarve municipalities to give more help to the public to save water

DECO wants Algarve municipalities to give more help to the public to save water.The Portuguese Consumer Protection Association (DECO) is asking that municipalities in the Algarve create support lines to allow consumers to purchase equipment to save water and combat water poverty.

Susana Correia, from DECO Algarve, argued that local authorities should find financing methods to support the public in buying equipment that aids in the reduction of water consumption, instead of betting on tariff increases - as initially announced, which would increase the economic difficulties that populations already feel.

Stressing that DECO is in favour and considers it necessary to introduce measures to save water resources that are in a situation of scarcity due to the drought that has hit the Algarve, she highlighted the importance of consumers having access to equipment that allows them to increase savings and monitor their consumption in their homes.

“Saving water should not weigh heavily on consumers’ pockets. Many measures have been discussed, and consumers have been asked to turn off the tap. Every now and then we hear about the possibility of increasing water tariffs, but DECO thinks that this should not be the way to go for now."

“Consumers have no way of becoming more efficient in the use of water in their homes” and, with Consumer Month, which takes place in March, DECO “makes it a priority to ensure that no one should be left behind” in the fight against water scarcity.

“To this end, we are appealing to Algarve municipalities and the Intermunicipal Community (AMAL), to create support lines or promote collective purchases specifically aimed at purchasing equipment, devices, solutions that allow consumers to use water in their homes more efficiently, monitor its consumption and also store rainwater”, say DECO.

Susana Correia said it was necessary, “in addition to asking families to save water”, that “savings could be made on families’ wallets” and they could make “a real contribution” to reducing water consumption in the region.

The Algarve has been on alert due to drought since February 5th, and the Government has approved a set of measures to restrict consumption, namely a 15% reduction in the urban sector, including tourism, and a 25% reduction in agriculture.

In addition to these measures, there are others such as combating losses in supply networks, the use of treated water to irrigate green spaces, streets and golf courses or the suspension of the granting of titles for the use of water resources.

The Government has already admitted to increasing the level of restrictions, declaring a state of environmental emergency or calamity, if the measures now implemented are insufficient.

Source Lusa - Photo courtesy of Depositphotos.com


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