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Your Algarve News Highlights - May 18th 2024

Your Algarve News Highlights - May 18th 2024

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Portugal standing by Ukraine

Peaceful Portugal remains a firm ally of Ukraine, which is now under increasing bombardments, with fears of eventual defeat by Russia.


Russia’s advances have intensified so much recently that there are worsening worries in the Western World of Ukraine’s prospects for survival as a sovereign nation.
President Vladimir Putin has been visiting his ‚Äúfriend‚ÄĚ Chairman Xi Jinping in China while Russia‚Äôs latest electronic warfare techniques have been weakening Ukraine‚Äôs air defences provided by the United States and NATO.


Portugal has long been an adherent member of both the European Union and NATO. There has always been a basic agreement on foreign policy between the two main political parties, the centre-right Democratic Alliance and the centre-left Socialist Party, both of which have been running the country alternatively since soon after the Carnation Revolution in 1975.


The foreign policy consensus is as strong as ever now, grounded on its European integration alongside its trans-Atlantic solidarity. ‚ÄúPortugal‚Äôs European integration is the cornerstone of democratic consolidation, and democracy is the source of legitimacy of Portugal‚Äôs accession to the EU,‚ÄĚ say Nuno Severiano Texeira , director of the Portuguese Institute of Foreign Relations, and former defence minister between 2005 and 2009.


Only the Communists with little say in the Portuguese Assembly regard what is going on in Ukraine as merely a ‚Äúcivil war.‚ÄĚ


Domestic issues prevail, and so Portugal has only be able to help Ukraine‚Äôs war effort financially in a modest way. In terms of military assistance, Portugal has only allocated ‚ā¨7o million. However, Portuga‚Äôs military assistance has been noticeable in NATO front line countries, particularly Romania and the Baltic states.


While located on the far west of continental Europe, Portugal is well aware of concerns that should Russia take over Ukraine its aggression may move westwards. This could be encouraged should the United States downgrade its economic and military assistance to Ukraine, or no longer be relied upon to support NATO. These are strong possibilities if Donald Trump is returned to the White House in November’s presidential election.


That aside, Daniel Marcos, professor at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences at the new university in Lisbon, is quoted by Joao Ruela Ribeiro in the ‚ÄúEastern Europe bi-monthly magazine as saying: ‚ÄúSince the beginning of the Russian aggression , Portugal, following the tradition of transatlantic and European solidarity, has been on Ukraine‚Äôs side. First of all by condemning the external aggression which threatened Ukraine‚Äôs sovereignty , and secondly by giving its allies who border Russia assurances that Portugal will be as assertive as possible regarding the security of NATO and EU territory.‚ÄĚ


The Eastern European, which is widely read in central as well as the eastern EU countries, recognises Portugal’s respect for Ukraine’s war efforts. It notes that Ukraine is a matter of concern within Portuguese society in general, not only among politicians, even more so than some other EU countries.


Last July, the president of Ukraine and the prime minister of Portugal, adopted a joint declaration reiterating their “unequivocal condemnation of Russia’s war. “


Portugal’s current centre-right government is fragile. It may not last long in power, but it is highly unlikely that Portugal’s sympathy for Ukraine will waiver in any way.
Written by Len Port



Government makes plan to resolve immigrant legalisation issues

Portugal's prime minister has announced that the government wants to meet with parliamentary groups next week, to draw up an action plan to resolve problems with the legalisation of immigrants.


"It will be necessary to have an action plan that we will have the opportunity to present to parliament. I have already asked the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and the Cabinet office minister to start a dialogue with the parliamentary groups on this matter next week," said Luís Montenegro in the fortnightly debate in parliament on Wednesday.


The aim, he explained, is to gather input in order to draw up "an action plan, to be carried out immediately, that can resolve the hundreds of thousands of backlogged cases and that can, in the future, prevent them from accumulating again".


"Our aim is to continue to be a country that welcomes and integrates immigrants but, in order to give dignity, we must have greater regulation and stop allowing the abuse of what are currently provisions contained in our legislation," he said.


In the final part of the debate, in response to PSD parliamentary leader Hugo Soares, the prime minister said that the problems that exist today at the Agency for Integration, Migration and Asylum (AIMA) are "delicate and profound".


"No one likes to see the undignified conditions in which many human beings who come to the country to work are subjected," he lamented, adding that the long queues and delays that have taken place at AIMA generate unease and feelings of insecurity.


For Montenegro, the problems at AIMA are "the result of several accumulated errors in border control and reception policies".


Earlier, the parliamentary leader of the CDS-PP, Paulo N√ļncio, questioned the prime minister about the impact of doubling the IRS consignment for social sector institutions, pointing out that this measure could "double the funding and budget of many institutions".


In response, Montenegro replied that the measure could benefit more than 7,000 institutions, depending on the options of taxpayers, who can choose to whom to allocate a part (from 0.5 to 1%) of their personal income tax.


"The government is governing, it has done more in 30 days than the former PS government did in eight long years," praised Paulo N√ļncio.


The prime minister took the opportunity to recall the recent changes approved by the government for the beneficiaries of the Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly - increasing the reference value to ‚ā¨600, eliminating children's income as an exclusion factor and making some medicines free for these beneficiaries - and to criticise the PS.


"They governed for eight years when they didn't decide this, they have to recognise that the decisive political will, that it was this government that shot at goal and scored," he said.



Quarteira: car involved in crash only had a driver's seat

A vehicle that crashed at the access roundabout to Quarteira in the early hours of Tuesday morning, was found to be the vehicle was transporting hashish and only had a driver's seat.


The Judicial Police are investigating the possibility that the accident happened as a result of rivalry between international drug trafficking networks.


The Range Rover SVR V8 collided with a pillar of the viaduct at the 'millionaire roundabout' just after 1am on Tuesday, in Almancil, on the EN125. The driver, who was burned to death and is thought to be Spanish, was reportedly being followed by another vehicle.


After the accident, before police arrived on scene, it is reported that some men with their faces covered took some of the drugs from the accident vehicle and fled in the other high-powered car.


The PJ collected the serial number of the engine of the luxury car, that was badly charred, and are trying to track down the owner.



Bathing season is officially open in Albufeira

The bathing season in Albufeira was officially opened yesterday, in a ceremony which took place at Praia dos Pescadores. The bathing season in Albufeira runs until October 15th.


The Executive of the City Council and several other entities with responsibilities in the coastal area, such as the Association of Lifeguards of Albufeira (ANSA ), the Maritime Authority, the GNR and the Albufeira Volunteer Fire Department, all attended the ceremony.

The Mayor stated that ‚Äúalthough there is talk of the diversification of tourism in Albufeira, as has been done throughout the mandate, through competitions and large-scale sporting events, the candidacy for UNESCO heritage of the Algarvensis Geopark or the Vhils exhibition submerged on Santa Eul√°lia beach, 'sun and beach' tourism is, without a doubt, Albufeira's motto.‚ÄĚ


Three groups of students from schools in Albufeira were also present at the ceremony, who had the opportunity to participate in environmental education activities and awareness-raising actions about safety and actions to adopt on the beach. Also, promoted by the Municipality's environmental unit, the children were invited to an exhibition of vehicles used to preserve and clean the sand.

A drowning/rescue safety simulation took place, by staff from the Maritime Authority, ANSA and Albufeira Volunteer Firefighters (BVA), with a view to raising awareness of the mode of action and equipment used in this type of incident.


Cristiano Cabrita, councilor responsible for Environment and Maritime Affairs, stated that ‚Äúbeaches, as a fundamental part of local economic development and the promotion of the 'Albufeira' brand, need reinforced care in terms of cleaning, preservation, maintenance and protection‚ÄĚ . The mayor said that ‚Äúthis is a service that has very positive results, if there is symbiotic work between the community and the Municipality‚ÄĚ, highlighting ‚Äúthe 3 to 4 tons of waste collected daily, on average, during the summer season, by technicians municipalities‚ÄĚ.



Aljezur: Quinta das Alfambras bush fire is now under control

The bush fire that broke out in Quinta das Alfambras, Aljezur mid-afternoon yesterday was under control by 7pm yesterday evening.


The alert was given at 2:59pm, reporting that the fire was consuming large areas of bush and eucalyptus, but no record of any homes at risk.

More than 100 bombeiros operatives were sent to the scene, supported by 38 vehicles.


As of 11am this morning, according to the Associação Alerta de Incendio Florestal/Forest Fire Alert group, there are just 22 personnel and 8 vehicles in attendance, with the fire status now 'In Conclusion'.



Land dispute results in a stabbing

Two brothers, aged 22 and 25, were involved in a stabbing incident on Saturday, due to a dispute over a piece of land at the Boavista site, Quelfes near Olh√£o.


According to Portuguese TV channel TVI, the older brother stabbed his brother in the chest with a 13 centimetre long knife, resulting in the victim being transported in a serious condition to Faro Hospital, where he is hospitalised. The Judiciary Police were also called to the scene of the incident, to carry out various investigations.

The knife used in the crime was seized by authorities, but the assailant, who was also transported to the same hospital as his brother but with minor injuries, ended up escaping and is still being sought by the GNR.



A record hot summer is on the cards

Portugal is bracing itself for possibly the hottest summer ever, while globally, last month was the hottest April on record.  


According to Copernicus, the European Union‚Äôs climate monitoring service, April marked the continuation of an unprecedented 11-month streak of record-breaking conditions. Despite what the scientists say, some people argue that extreme weather conditions existed long before humans inhabited the Earth, so they feel there is no need to worry. Many older people tend to ignore the importance of reaching a ‚Äúnet zero‚ÄĚ emission balance, and the deadline year of 2030 never mind 2050. They leave this concern to the young who will still be around.


Whether the planet was extremely hot or cold many thousands of years ago is irrelevant to the current concerns about environmental destruction caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions threatening Portugal and elsewhere this summer


The notion that countries must just socially and economically adapt to extreme climate change is ridiculous. Brazil is one of the countries most affected recently, with major floods engulfing entire cities.


Portugal is as well prepared as possible for more wildfires, droughts and floods, as well as rising sea levels.


Portugal  has achieved a 60% renewable share in electricity generation. It aims to achieve an 80% share within the next two years. This is achievable because Portugal has abandoned the use of coal and is relying increasingly on hydro, wind and solar sources. 


Overall, Portugal has strong policies and targets in place. Although it is doing comparatively well in Europe, critics point out a number of extra measures the government could be taking. Experts want to see more support for low-income households, a faster phase-out of fossil fuel subsidies and improvements in the transport sector.


The major greenhouse gas emitting countries are still not doing nearly enough to address extreme climate challenges The United States is focused on its November presidential election and providing support for the war in the Middle East. Russia is concentrating on its war in Ukraine. China is steeped in its own conflicts and security concerns.  


The superpower leaders are failing to solve the existential global warming crisis they have largely created.

Written by¬†Len PortÔĽŅ


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Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura aces Portugal’s golf resort of the year award

Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura has secured its first recognition since DETAILS took over its management, winning Golf Resort of the Year in Portugal at the 2024 IAGTO (International Association of Golf Travel Operators) awards.




Currency Market Update - 17th May 2024

Earlier in the week we did see both core inflation and inflation levels decrease in April for the US. While retail sales showed a slowdown too, this lead to USD weakness. Market speculated that a chance of US lower their borrowing costs in September increased. The recent USD weakness came to a halt last night after a number of speeches from Federal Reserve officials.



We Like to Make Short Work of It

Judges hope juries will keep their deliberations short, and guilty people hope judges will hand down short sentences.  We all live in such a hectic 24-hours-a-day world that most of us paradoxically wish there were more hours in the day.




New Airport in 2050?

Our government presented the general plans for a new airport in Lisbon. It accepted proposals by a Technical Committee who surveyed some options.





Carvoeiro: 1+2 bed duplex apartment with communal pool and parking, only a short stroll to amenities & beach

For sale, this 1+2 bed duplex apartment, with communal pool and parking, located only a short stroll to bars, shops, restaurants and Carvoeiro beach.





For Sale: Immaculate 2 Bedroom House with Stunning Views, in Carvoeiro

This exceptional 2 bedroom house, with air conditioning and a newly fitted kitchen, awaits its new owners. Perfectly maintained, this single story property offers a serene retreat amidst the beauty of Carvoeiro.




Charming Farmhouse on 15 Hectare plot, with Ruin, Lake and Stream - Mexilhoeira Grande

This charming characterful "Quinta" farmhouse is nestled in a garden oasis, surrounded by beautiful mature landscaped gardens in the peace and tranquillity of the countryside.  Just 15 minutes drive from Portimão, this really is an idyllic setting.



Lagos: Luxury townhouse with large communal pool and tennis court

Located in the exclusive area of Atalaia, this luxury 2 bedroom property is set on the small condominium of Quinta da Atalaia, a select development of just 12 townhouses. It is in a wonderful, peaceful location just outside the city of Lagos and only 3 minutes drive from Boavista Golf Resort and Porto do Mos beach.



Detached, 3 bedroom villa with pool - Loulé

Elevated two-story villa offering breathtaking views, in a small residential area near Loulé Centre. Immerse yourself in the charm and allure of the Algarve, Portugal, with this captivating home that perfectly blends tradition and modernity.



4 ensuite bedroom villa with a low maintenance garden, swimming pool and garage

A wonderfully presented four ensuite bedroom villa with a low maintenance garden, swimming pool and garage, located in Almancil, in the central Algarve.






Vegetarian cooking workshop - May 23rd 2024

Are you keen to dive into the world of vegetarian cooking but unsure where to begin? Our upcoming vegetarian cooking workshop will show you how to combine herbs, spices, and fresh produce to create delicious meals from scratch.



May is 'Face Month' at Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz

Get ready for summer with Face Month at Health & Beauty by Estrela da Luz - As we approach summer, many of us desire to have exceptionally radiant skin.





Rotary charity golf tournament returns to Monte Rei Golf & Country Club

Rotary Club Estoi Palace International (RCEPI) is pleased to announce the highly anticipated return of its annual Charity Golf Tournament on August 30th, at the prestigious Monte Rei Golf and Country Club.




Quinta Art Collective Exhibition - June 1st to July 7th 2024

Quinta Art Collective's next exhibition will be held from the 1st of June to the 7th of July, at the Associação Cultural Republica 14, in Olhão.




Wolf Valley Charity Golf Tournament - June 1st 2024

The Wolf Valley Charity Fund (WVCF) and the Property Owners Association (POA) together with Vale do Lobo Golf Captains will host the annual WVCF Golf Day on the 1st of June 2024.




Algarve History Association Music Events this May

The Algarve History Association concentrates this month on music. At 17h00 on Saturday, 25 May, our young friend Nikola Meeuwsen returns to the Algarve from his busy schedule in the Netherlands to play his seventh concert for us. 



Tina McEvoy.... Art for Dogs Project

Tina has been supporting StreetLife since 2022… she emailed StreetLife asking to meet for coffee to discuss how she could help ... and that was the start of an incredible journey and friendship with StreetLife. 




Madrugada Photography Competition

Your chance to have your images featured in the Madrugada 2025 calendar - enter the photography competition "Doors & Windows of the Algarve" and submit your entries before July 31st 2024.



TOR ARTE Iberica Spring Art Show : Saturday 18 May - Sunday 2 June 2024

ARTLINK collective are returning to the award winning Quinta da T√Ķr winery for their third consecutive annual Spring Art Show.¬†





Charity Spring Concert - May 29th 2024

Imagine sitting by a pool, enjoying a balmy May afternoon whilst listening excellent musical of various genres. Well now you can. And best of all, you can support local families in need at the same time!




Fundraising Fashion Show - June 9th

Join us for a fundraising fashion show in Cabanas de Tavira on Sunday 9th June 2024, at 12h30 to raise funds for local animal charities who strive to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the gorgeous creatures who arrive at our shelters.




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