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Quarteira: car involved in crash only had a driver's seat

QUARTEIRA: CAR INVOLVED IN CRASH ONLY HAD A DRIVER'S SEATA vehicle that crashed at the access roundabout to Quarteira in the early hours of Tuesday morning, was found to be the vehicle was transporting hashish and only had a driver's seat.

The Judicial Police are investigating the possibility that the accident happened as a result of rivalry between international drug trafficking networks.

The Range Rover SVR V8 collided with a pillar of the viaduct at the 'millionaire roundabout' just after 1am on Tuesday, in Almancil, on the EN125. The driver, who was burned to death and is thought to be Spanish, was reportedly being followed by another vehicle.

After the accident, before police arrived on scene, it is reported that some men with their faces covered took some of the drugs from the accident vehicle and fled in the other high-powered car.

The PJ collected the serial number of the engine of the luxury car, that was badly charred, and are trying to track down the owner.

Source Algarveprimeiro - Photo by Bruna Santos

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