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Bathing season is officially open in Albufeira

BATHING SEASON IS OFFICIALLY OPEN IN ALBUFEIRAThe bathing season in Albufeira was officially opened yesterday, in a ceremony which took place at Praia dos Pescadores. The bathing season in Albufeira runs until October 15th.

The Executive of the City Council and several other entities with responsibilities in the coastal area, such as the Association of Lifeguards of Albufeira (ANSA ), the Maritime Authority, the GNR and the Albufeira Volunteer Fire Department, all attended the ceremony.

The Mayor stated that “although there is talk of the diversification of tourism in Albufeira, as has been done throughout the mandate, through competitions and large-scale sporting events, the candidacy for UNESCO heritage of the Algarvensis Geopark or the Vhils exhibition submerged on Santa Eulália beach, 'sun and beach' tourism is, without a doubt, Albufeira's motto.”

Three groups of students from schools in Albufeira were also present at the ceremony, who had the opportunity to participate in environmental education activities and awareness-raising actions about safety and actions to adopt on the beach. Also, promoted by the Municipality's environmental unit, the children were invited to an exhibition of vehicles used to preserve and clean the sand.

A drowning/rescue safety simulation took place, by staff from the Maritime Authority, ANSA and Albufeira Volunteer Firefighters (BVA), with a view to raising awareness of the mode of action and equipment used in this type of incident.

Cristiano Cabrita, councilor responsible for Environment and Maritime Affairs, stated that “beaches, as a fundamental part of local economic development and the promotion of the 'Albufeira' brand, need reinforced care in terms of cleaning, preservation, maintenance and protection” . The mayor said that “this is a service that has very positive results, if there is symbiotic work between the community and the Municipality”, highlighting “the 3 to 4 tons of waste collected daily, on average, during the summer season, by technicians municipalities”.

Photo by Rui Gregório - CM Albufeira

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