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Tourist dies shortly after landing at Faro airport

TOURIST DIES SHORTLY AFTER LANDING AT FARO AIRPORTA 70 year old Belgian tourist arriving from Brussels on Monday evening, died after feeling unwell and suffering a cardiac arrest near the airport's arrival gate.

According to Portuguese Tv channel TVI, the woman travelled alone on a Transavia flight to Faro, and was initially assisted by the airport's medical emergency teams and a resuscitation vehicle from INEM. However, it was not possible to "reverse her condition of cardiorespiratory arrest, even after several attempts at resuscitation."

The woman's death was declared at 6:50pm, and PSP contacted the Public Prosecutor's Office, as the death occurred in a public place and the cause was undetermined. It was only around 10:00 pm that the order was given for the body to be removed from the location.


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