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A record hot summer is on the cards

A RECORD HOT SUMMER IS ON THE CARDSPortugal is bracing itself for possibly the hottest summer ever, while globally, last month was the hottest April on record.  

According to Copernicus, the European Union’s climate monitoring service, April marked the continuation of an unprecedented 11-month streak of record-breaking conditions. Despite what the scientists say, some people argue that extreme weather conditions existed long before humans inhabited the Earth, so they feel there is no need to worry. Many older people tend to ignore the importance of reaching a “net zero” emission balance, and the deadline year of 2030 never mind 2050. They leave this concern to the young who will still be around.

Whether the planet was extremely hot or cold many thousands of years ago is irrelevant to the current concerns about environmental destruction caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions threatening Portugal and elsewhere this summer

The notion that countries must just socially and economically adapt to extreme climate change is ridiculous. Brazil is one of the countries most affected recently, with major floods engulfing entire cities.

Portugal is as well prepared as possible for more wildfires, droughts and floods, as well as rising sea levels.

Portugal  has achieved a 60% renewable share in electricity generation. It aims to achieve an 80% share within the next two years. This is achievable because Portugal has abandoned the use of coal and is relying increasingly on hydro, wind and solar sources. 

Overall, Portugal has strong policies and targets in place. Although it is doing comparatively well in Europe, critics point out a number of extra measures the government could be taking. Experts want to see more support for low-income households, a faster phase-out of fossil fuel subsidies and improvements in the transport sector.

The major greenhouse gas emitting countries are still not doing nearly enough to address extreme climate challenges The United States is focused on its November presidential election and providing support for the war in the Middle East. Russia is concentrating on its war in Ukraine. China is steeped in its own conflicts and security concerns.  

The superpower leaders are failing to solve the existential global warming crisis they have largely created.

Written by Len Port - Photo courtesy of Depositphotos.com

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