"The Colours That Surround Me" - photographs by Sandra Silva Rebelo

"The Colours That Surround Me""The Colours That Surround Me" is a book of 100 pages of stunning photographs by Sandra Silva Rebelo. Landscapes and animals, mainly from the Algarve. The images are full of color that only our region provides us. A beautiful gift, or keepsake for yourself.

On Saturday 14th October, Sandra will make a public presentation of her work at the Restaurante Tempêros at Trafal beach - http://www.restaurantetemperus.pt/

CLICK HERE to view a preview "The Colours That Surround Me"

THE COLOURS THAT SURROUND ME by SANDRA REBELO is a 30 x 20cms hardback book. Thr price is just €33.00 (+ shipping costs if applicable).
If you would like to purchase this beautiful album please email 
sandra.rebelo2@gmail.com, or call 965 381 668.
Payment can be made via PT50 0007 0281 0006 0930 0037 1 (Please confirm transfers to the above email address).

About Sandra

I was born on 10th April 1978 in Faro.  The interest for photography sparked very early on, at the tender age of 15 with an old roller Minolta, and the anticipation for seeing the pictures that had captured magical moments was immense!

Sunrise and Sunset have always been my favourite’s times to truly capture the stunning colours and shades at those times of day. I love landscapes, reflections and animals, particularly butterflies.

Such is my passion that I have dedicated myself avidly to this hobby, frequently posting up my photos on specific photography sites. I am both intrigued and driven by the colours that surround me and  these form the inspiration for my work. In truth it is the colours of this world that I dive into, ever searching for a rainbow.

I believe that there is always so much more to us than we show, more than we believe and more than we know! And photography allows me to capture truly unforgettable moment later that will stand the course of time.

"The Colours That Surround Me"

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