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BEST PRACTICES: ECONOMY, NO SPECULATIONEconomy comes from the Greek, Oikos, which means home. It is about managing a farm, an activity not just for you; then to the next and even on to customers. This more or less formal science exists for 4000 years, with regional trade, where people could no longer just trade goods, China used bronze objects as currency. Later they introduced silver or gold coins, the weight of which represented the value of the goods sold.

Dogs, cats and a few other points...

Readers views...I love Portugal and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but one bother is stray dogs and cats. When we arrived here six years ago, hunters shot dead my neighbour’s beloved 14 year old cat and dumped a dog inside our fence. I phoned a local pet help group who came immediately, collected the dog, treated a cyst that had probably worried the hunter-owner, and rehomed it.

Readers views...We all have our 'triggers' in daily life - things that really rile us. Someone standing too close behind you in a queue? People parking over the white lines in a busy car park?... what really gets your goat?

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