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Drones Profit

DronesOnce, I wrote an article on drones for firefighters, hospitals and companies to check fertilizer need in agriculture, or details of facades in tall buildings, as Global Drone Tech does.

Occupational Maths

OCCUPATIONAL MATHS"Super Fiendish and Killers" have filled most of my mornings over the last six months. These Soduko puzzles plus a run through of all the free web based papers has usually left me in dire need of physical exercise during the afternoon hours.  So some days I have enjoyed isolated scrambles, inland over the western Algarve and over the cliffs/beaches stretching from Vale de Boi to Cape Vicente. "Magnificient" is the only word that describes these adventures.

Transport In Portugal Post-C19

TRANSPORT IN PORTUGAL POST-C19Scientists publish many reports each day, almost always ignored by the government that pays them. It's time to move ahead. As Bagão Felix writes in the book RESSURGIR, 'please do not change a sand-grain so that almost everything stays the same. We are seduced'by the obsession of quantity,futility and uselessness'.

Facts & figures: UK v Portugal Covid-19 for discussion

FACTS & FIGURES: UK V PORTUGAL COVID-19 FOR DISCUSSIONWhy is Portugal being highlighted as a Danger Zone, apparently victimised by the UK Government, when in fact it is the UK which is the Danger Zone ? Let's look at some calculations...

The Algarve! Is it safe?

THE ALGARVE! IS IT SAFE?We are British. We have been coming to the Algarve for at least 30 years, and have a house here. Portugal is the most lovely, most welcoming and just fantastic place in the whole world! I know, I am lucky enough to have spent my working life travelling to most countries! I fell in love with the Algarve in 1967. 

Visiting The Algarve During The Covid-19 Pandemic

VISITING THE ALGARVE DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMICMany are apprehensively considering travel to Portugal this Summer. A frequent visitor and home owner in the Algarve tells us about their travel experience and their time when staying here during the first 2 weeks in July 2020.

Could Cannabis be a natural cure for Covid-19?

A 40 YEAR MYSTERY SOLVED?Forty years ago I was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack, it turned out to be Pericarditis, a severe virus on the heart bag, I was admitted immediately. After several more tests they told me it was very infected and that I would have to stay in hospital for the next 10 to 14 days, and to me that was a very daunting prospect.

The Forgotten Street Of Albufeira

Photo courtesy of Tom's Place - https://cubsur51.wordpress.comLocated at the very top of the Albufeira marina, for a long time it was a street without a name. Different residents used different names: Alto de Orada, Camino de Baleeira ...

The street is probably the least maintained in all of Albufeira. A long time ago (in some places), sporadic repairs were made on the road. There are now level differences (pits), from +10 cm, loose stones, broken footpaths, simply smelly dirt and very dangerous. Stones flying around by passing cars, people turning their feet when walking.