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Via Algarviana celebrates its 12th year

VIA ALGARVIANA CELEBRATES ITS 12TH YEARVia Algarviana celebrates the 12th anniversary of its inauguration on May 29th, and so presents three new promotional videos on Via Algarviana’s social media and website.

The ups and downs of stray cat rescue...

THE UPS AND DOWNS OF STRAY CAT RESCUE...Two little kittens appeared in one of our neighbour’s gardens on our regular evening dog walk. No mother to be seen.

Help wildlife and ban leaf blowers

HELP WILDLIFE AND BAN LEAF BLOWERSLeaf blowers. What’s to like about them? They are bad for residents, bad for tourists, and bad for the lungs of those who use them.  And new research has found that they have a devastating effect on insect life. 

Wildlife Ourique - join us and share wildlife sightings

WILDLIFE OURIQUE - JOIN US AND SHARE WILDLIFE SIGHTINGSWildlife Ourique is a Facebook group my husband and I started to share wildlife sightings in our area. On our small plot in Alentejo, we’ve identified 138 species of flower, 134 birds, 24 butterflies, 24 mammals, 10 reptiles and fewer trees, spiders, fungi, moths and amphibians. Every day of every season there’s something new and exciting to observe and learn.

The 3 best methods to get rid of bugs in Portugal

THE 3 BEST METHODS TO GET RID OF BUGS IN PORTUGALRegardless of where you plan to travel or where you live, the Mediterranean sea region offers a whole new experience with bugs. It is not Australia though, so they won’t try to kill you, but many of them are annoying, frightening, or carries a disease. Let’s see what you can do against them!

Nature watching at the Quinta

European OttersYoga Groups, Retreats in general, Family gatherings, Romantic Getaways and Family Holidays are some of the reasons why our guests choose the Quinta as a venue, but perhaps the favourite reason is as a base from where to watch nature, birds especially, but Nature in general, and recently we’ve been having some wonderful views of a particularly difficult species to get to grips with, European Otters.

Bee-ing the change: English resident inspired to create bee sanctuary and rewilding project in Portugal

Deborah and her bike in Woking, wearing her bee capeDeborah Richmond will cycle to Portugal in custom-made bee cape to raise awareness and crowdfund for a 25 acre honey bee sanctuary and reforestation project. Deborah began the first phase of her epic 950 km cycle ride on 16th September and aims to arrive back to her rewilding project in Portugal by 3rd October. The vision for the Rewilding our Planet project is to transform 25 acres of degraded monoculture land into a sanctuary for the honey bee, to re-forest and re-establish a biodiverse landscape.

Lagoa Council fails to grasp environmental protection basics

LagoasBrancasSmallIn April, Lagoa Council sent in heavy machinery to 'clean' the banks of one of the water channels at Alagoas Brancas, in the middle of the breeding season for birds.

Although the GNR's SEPNA nature division were called they said they found no dead birds, yet local residents have photos and a video that prove otherwise.