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Meet The World's Top 6 Unique Animals You Need To Know About

MEET THE WORLD'S TOP 6 UNIQUE ANIMALS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUTThis world is full of amazing creatures that you probably don't even know about. With so many different ecosystems and climates, animals have evolved to survive in many different locations, with a plethora of design features that are shocking to learn about.

Climate change is dramatically changing birdlife across Europe

Common Cuckoo - Photo by Birding in PortugalBy contributing to global warming, humans are causing major disruptions to birdlife in Portugal and all over the rest of Europe as well as Africa.

The Stork's Rock - a video story about a bird family

THE STORK'S ROCK - A VIDEO STORY ABOUT A BIRD FAMILYBetween February and June 2021, Dora Mandora was living in Portugal near Aljezur in the Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park. This video story tells the tale of a Stork family there.

Alagoas Brancas: the fight rages on over an Algarve wetland site

ALAGOAS BRANCAS: THE FIGHT RAGES ON OVER AN ALGARVE WETLAND SITEUncertainty as to when an appeal court in Lisbon will make a decision on an Algarve municipal council’s refusal to order a developer to make an environmental impact study is exacerbating frustrations among campaigners determined to save the wetland site known as Alagoas Brancas.

Via Algarviana celebrates its 12th year

VIA ALGARVIANA CELEBRATES ITS 12TH YEARVia Algarviana celebrates the 12th anniversary of its inauguration on May 29th, and so presents three new promotional videos on Via Algarviana’s social media and website.

The ups and downs of stray cat rescue...

THE UPS AND DOWNS OF STRAY CAT RESCUE...Two little kittens appeared in one of our neighbour’s gardens on our regular evening dog walk. No mother to be seen.

Help wildlife and ban leaf blowers

HELP WILDLIFE AND BAN LEAF BLOWERSLeaf blowers. What’s to like about them? They are bad for residents, bad for tourists, and bad for the lungs of those who use them.  And new research has found that they have a devastating effect on insect life. 

Wildlife Ourique - join us and share wildlife sightings

WILDLIFE OURIQUE - JOIN US AND SHARE WILDLIFE SIGHTINGSWildlife Ourique is a Facebook group my husband and I started to share wildlife sightings in our area. On our small plot in Alentejo, we’ve identified 138 species of flower, 134 birds, 24 butterflies, 24 mammals, 10 reptiles and fewer trees, spiders, fungi, moths and amphibians. Every day of every season there’s something new and exciting to observe and learn.