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What questions do Vilamoura International School students have in mind?

WHAT QUESTIONS DO VILAMOURA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL STUDENTS HAVE IN MIND?"Are humans better at creating things or destroying them?" (Débora Ferreira, year 10); “What does dying feel like?” (Frederik Holling, year 10); "Are there limits to our thinking?" (Inga Lopes, year 11), “What does the Underworld look like?” (Henley Morrisey, year 4) or "Can life end before death?" (Daniel Ramos, year 4) are some of the questions that can be read in the store windows in Rua Maria Campina, Loulé.

What Is Your Level of Education According to Your Math Skills and how to test your knowledge of mathematics yourself?

WHAT IS YOUR LEVEL OF EDUCATION ACCORDING TO YOUR MATH SKILLS AND HOW TO TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF MATHEMATICS YOURSELF?Math is one of the oldest and most complex scientific fields that we have used and developed through the centuries. It's based on the use of logic and clear principles; however, it represents a challenge to a vast number of students.

Ways to Pass MuleSoft MCPA Level 1 Exam for Better Success in Career

WAYS TO PASS MULESOFT MCPA LEVEL 1 EXAM FOR BETTER SUCCESS IN CAREERThe MuleSoft administration is an authority-based vendor. This provides an opportunity to give certification to the applicants. The MuleSoft administration provides candidates with certain benefits.

Vilamoura International School promotes Make Peace & Spread Love for the war refugees

VILAMOURA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL PROMOTES MAKE PEACE & SPREAD LOVE FOR THE WAR REFUGEESThe solidarity campaign “Make peace & spread love, with Ukraine in the heart”, that involved the Vilamoura International School (CIV) community for five days, and aimed to collect goods to welcome refugees from this country to the municipality of Loulé, has come to an end.

Vilamoura International School presents communication for peace in the IV International Congress of Pedagogy

VILAMOURA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL PRESENTS COMMUNICATION FOR PEACE IN THE IV INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PEDAGOGYThe Vilamoura International School (CIV) presented, on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of February, at the IV International Congress of Pedagogy, in Braga, the results of a research project underway in the Kindergarten in the context of Education for Peace.

Driving Lessons & Test in English - Faro, Algarve

DRIVING LESSONS & TEST IN ENGLISH - FARO, ALGARVELearning to drive in Portugal, if you have difficulty with the Portuguese language, is made easier by Academia do Volante in Faro, who provide classes, driving lessons and exams in English language.

Algarve: Nobel-laureats in Economics

ALGARVE: NOBEL-LAUREATS IN ECONOMICSThe main question was “how much more you would earn if you chose to study longer?” A strange comparison? Lets see! 

Studying Master Of Law In Portugal: Best Opportunities For UK Students

STUDYING MASTER OF LAW IN PORTUGAL: BEST OPPORTUNITIES FOR UK STUDENTSPortugal is one of the most popular destinations for students looking to study abroad. This is because they are highly focused on research and collaborations with important research centers across the world. As UK students, you have various opportunities to take on internships and local jobs to earn money and a chance to learn Portuguese, which is a major language.