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Travel Tips: 6 Fun Things To Do In Algarve

TRAVEL TIPS: 6 FUN THINGS TO DO IN ALGARVEIf you are looking for a new place to visit, Algarve is the perfect destination. This beautiful region in Portugal has everything from beaches and mountains to sunny weather. If you are planning on visiting soon, make sure to check out these six fun things that you can do while there.

Planning A Big Family Vacation Soon? Here Are Some Tips

PLANNING A BIG FAMILY VACATION SOON? HERE ARE SOME TIPSFamily vacations are no doubt fun and exciting for most of us. Our daily life is full of responsibilities, parents have different tasks to do that include going to their jobs, maintaining house chores, and young adults are busy studying or struggling for jobs.

Sourcing travel info about the cities and towns online

SOURCING TRAVEL INFO ABOUT THE CITIES AND TOWNS ONLINEPeople living locally in Portuguese cities and towns from the far north to the Algarve region in the south are giving advice and tips to tourists and potential residents on a unique website constructed by CrowdsourcedExlorer.com.

OCT 4th - New rules when arriving in UK from Portugal begin

OCT 4TH - NEW RULES WHEN ARRIVING IN UK FROM PORTUGAL BEGINFrom 04.00am this morning, October 4th 2021, the rules for people arriving into the UK from Portugal have changed.

Reasons to Add the Channel Islands on Your Bucket List

REASONS TO ADD THE CHANNEL ISLANDS ON YOUR BUCKET LISTPeople simply love to travel. Traveling is something that broadens your horizons and makes you understand other cultures and nations. We are usually captivated by big historical cities which are usually too expensive, and they do not meet our expectations.

Portugal is one of the top LGBTQ+ friendly travel destinations in the world

PORTUGAL IS ONE OF THE TOP LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY TRAVEL DESTINATIONS IN THE WORLDA new study names Portugal as one of the mostLGBTQ+ friendly countries, with Lisbon and Porto ranking first and second place respectively in the top 10 most LGBTQ+ friendly vacation destinations in the world.   

Road Safety On The Algarve: How To Stay Safe Driving In Paradise

Road Safety On The Algarve: How To Stay Safe Driving In ParadisePortugal has been taking serious action over traffic safety in the past decade. As a result, it is today among the countries that have lowered death rates in traffic accidents the most in the EU.

Petition to restore a ferry link between UK and Portugal

PETITION TO RESTORE A FERRY LINK BETWEEN UK AND PORTUGALA few weeks back a small group of expats in the Algarve sat chatting. The subject of driving to the UK came up. Someone mentioned that a few months back, whilst Spain was on the UK's red list and Portugal was green, Brittany Ferries had considered sailing directly to Porto, rather than the current routes to Bilbao/Santander.