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Dulce Pontes Concert - June 2ndIn partnership with the Municipal Theater of Faro, we will promote a great concert with the illustrious Dulce Pontes, who presents her new album - "Pilgrimage". 
The concert will take place on June 2, 2018, at 9.30 pm, at the Teatro Municipal de Faro, in Faro.

Celebration of World Tai Chi Day - April 28thTai Chi students in Tavira will be participating in this world wide event. What?  Flash Mob Event!  When?  April 28th at 10am. Where? Praca de Republica, Tavira (at the southern end of the "Roman bridge").

See how it works HERE. We will start exactly at 10am, so come a little early and join the fun!
W: http://worldtaichiday.org/

Leading from the future as it emerges – U-lab course in TaviraThe U-lab course created by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is being rolled out across Portugal beginning in April 2018 and Tavira is on the list for it to be delivered in English, (in other towns it will be in Portuguese). The course explores leadership challenges through the lens of three divides, an ecological divide – separation between self and nature, social divide – separation between us and them, spiritual divide – separation between self and self (who I am today and my potential future self).

Appreciating English Literature - April 5thScared of Shakespeare? Puzzled by Poetry ? After completing a varied and much discussed 2017, the 2018 programme for our successful Literature group, run by David Roberts, is taking shape. Starting on Thursday 5th April, in the Village Hall at Monte da Palhagueira, 1700-1900.
We will be starting with Shakespeare's TEMPEST for five weeks and then The Shadow Line by Joseph Conrad for a further five weeks. Cost for each five week block are €40.00

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