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Algarve History Association Events - April 2024

ALGARVE HISTORY ASSOCIATIONAlgarve History Association has two events this month. Please see details below.

Natural Hazards Preparedness Survey

Natural Hazards Preparedness SurveySafe Communities Portugal  woul like your help please, in undertaking this short survey, to establish the current level of risk awareness and preparedness among communities.

Amigos de Música concerts in April 2024


For our next AMIGOS’ CONCERTS on April 9th  and 11th  2024, we are very happy to announce a young Italian pianist LEONARDO PIERDOMENICO who will come to Portugal for the second time to play for the AMIGOS DE MÚSICA.

Journeying through the meaning of Easter together

JOURNEYING THROUGH THE MEANING OF EASTER TOGETHERWhat comes immediately to mind when you think about Easter? Chocolate Eggs, Fluffy Chicks, adorable bunnies, or the start of Spring? For many of us it means time off from work, spending more time with family and friends or maybe heading down to the beach for that first swim of the year.

"The Colours of Spring" Painting Workshop - 27th April 2024

"THE COLOURS OF SPRING" PAINTING WORKSHOP - 27TH APRIL 2024Spring is coming with its vibrant colours that inspire us and awaken our creativity. This is the perfect season to celebrate life, nature and, of course, art!

Health & Beauty Estrela da Luz - Open Day by Skeyndor - March 22nd

HEALTH & BEAUTY ESTRELA DA LUZ - OPEN DAY BY SKEYNDOR - MARCH 22NDThe Spa Health & Beauty at Estrela da Luz will host an Open Day by Skeyndor on March 22nd from 10 am to 5 pm, where visitors can receive a free skin diagnosis and learn about products suitable for their skin type.

IV Albufeira Civil Protection Knowledge Fair - March 21st to 23rd

IV ALBUFEIRA CIVIL PROTECTION KNOWLEDGE FAIR - MARCH 21ST TO 23RDAs part of the celebrations of the International Civil Protection Day, which is celebrated on March 1st, all interested are invited to attend in the IV Fair of Civil Protection of Knowledge in Albufeira.

afpop Events in March & April 2024

afpop events Here are some new events, scheduled for this March and April, 2024.