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Outstanding Winetasting Event - May 26th

OUTSTANDING WINETASTING EVENT - MAY 26THOn Thursday, May 26th at 6pm, join Jack Soifer as he tells tales and taste wines from three vineyards, at GOLFLAND, in Alvor.

A series of Michelin-starred tributes to Asian cuisine

A SERIES OF MICHELIN-STARRED TRIBUTES TO ASIAN CUISINEThe Mizu Teppanyaki restaurant at VILA VITA Parc welcomes chef Pedro Almeida, on June 2nd, for an evening celebrating the creative fusion of Japanese and Portuguese cuisine. It is the first dinner in this series, which has three more planned in the months of September and October.

Algarve History Association Events: May 2022

ALGARVE HISTORY ASSOCIATION EVENTS: MAY 2022Following his presentation on the Muslim invasion of Iberia, Peter Booker will take the story forward from the abolition of the urbane and tolerant Córdoba Caliphate.

International Piano Trio gathers again in Algarve, June 11th 2022

INTERNATIONAL PIANO TRIO GATHERS AGAIN IN ALGARVE, JUNE 11TH 2022The International Piano Trio is coming together again, this time at the Algarve Costume Museum (Museu do Traje de São Brás de Alportel) to explore new music being offered in a series of duo and trio performances called Dances Throughout the World.

May 2022 Concerts at Amigos de Música

MAY 2022 CONCERTS AT AMIGOS DE MUSICABerliners Holger Grosschopp, piano and Adele Bitter, cello, will give 2 concerts during May, 2022. These concerts will take place in the auditorium at Os Agostos. 

Art Workshop and Weekend-Break at Figs on the Funcho - June 2022

ART WORKSHOPS AT FIGS ON THE FUNCHO - JUNE 2022A series of painting lessons designed to guide you and help you develop your painting skills, and a long weekend break, all at a beautiful riverside location with spectacular views of the countryside and river.

afpop Events - May 2022

afpop events Here are some new events, scheduled for this May.

April 2022, Herdade da Corte turns 10 years old!!

APRIL 2022, HERDADE DA CORTE TURNS 10 YEARS OLD!!We would love to be able to toast with you, these 10 years of Herdade da Corte, this Saturday, 30th of April, at 2.00pm, during the live concert "Angola meets Brazil" with two huge musicians and friends, Zé Manel Martins and Tuniko Goulart.