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Online Church Services Over Easter

Online Church Services Over EasterThe Almancil congregation of the All Saints Anglican Church is holding an online service on Good Friday, April 10th at 2pm. For more information and details on how to join please email info@allsaintsalgarve.org
They will also hold an Easter Sunday service starting at 10.30am, April 12th. For information to join this interactive service please email secretary@allsaintsalgarve.org

The Lagoa congregation of the All Saints Anglican Church will also have an Easter Sunday service at 11am on April 12th. For more information and details on how to please email info@allsaintsalgarve.org



Online Coffee & Conversation in April

Online Coffee & Conversation in AprilWe know how important it is to continue connecting with people, that is why we facilitate free online Coffee & Conversations meetings, so you won't miss out on your weekly chat with your new international friends, every Wednesday at 10:30am.
Sign up to receive instructions: www.expatcentreportugal.com/eventscalendar. It's going to be fun! 
Founded and run by expats, the Expat Centre Portugal helps internationals who live in or visit the Algarve region to build connections and friendships through social meet ups.

West Coast Car Boot Sale

West Coast Car Boot closed

The West Coast Car Boot Sale, normally held on the first Sunday of each month, will not now be taking place on the 5th of April, having been cancelled due to the current coronavirus situation. Hopefully it will be able to start again on the 3rd of May depending on how the situation progresses. We will keep everyone informed of any developments.


Charm Picnics To Celebrate Spring

Charm Picnics To Celebrate SpringAfter the first Picnic that inaugurated the Forgotten Food Festival last October 19th in Silves, these moments for sharing and celebrating Algarvian traditions are back to brighten Spring and deliver unforgettable food experiences.

What are the Charm Picnics? A return to the past in the present - recreating the picnics of old days and their socializing role in rural communities of the Algarve.

The Out-(In)Verno Festival - Nov 1,2 & 3

The Out-(In)Verno Festival - Nov 1,2 & 3The Out-(In)Verno Festival focuses on globalism seen through the lens of the Algarve region, offering projects addressing our identity, directed at anyone and everyone, with the goal of offering a great cultural dip into the history of the Algarve, and the whole of Portugal. The initial premise that founded this festival was the goal of offering projects and events showing the bond between Art, Science, and Heritage.

Visit Algarve Events Guide - What's On In The Algarve?

Visit Algarve Events Guide - What's On In The Algarve?Browse or download the Visit Algarve Guide to all events happening throughout the Algarve each month. Something’s always going on in the Algarve. Concerts, plays, dance performances, exhibitions, sporting events, popular festivities, themed festivals, fairs and markets all combine to make your holiday exciting. Take a look at the guide and decide what you don’t want to miss!

CLICK HERE to see the free guide.


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