Crucial foreign affairs issues

CRUCIAL FOREIGN AFFAIRS ISSUESPortugal continues to keep a close eye on foreign affairs all over the world, even though it has greatly downsized and is now just a small country on the sidelines of major power politics.

The universality of Human Rights?

THE UNIVERSALITY OF HUMAN RIGHTS?At the end of this year, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will celebrate its 75th birthday.  The Declaration cannot be called a consensual document, since it evolved in a world which had just emerged from World War 2.  The United Nations at that time consisted of only 58 nations.

Antonio Guterres visits Ukraine

ANTONIO GUTERRES VISITS UKRAINEAntonio Guterres, secretary-general of the United Nations and former prime minister of Portugal, seems to have learned much but achieved little during his visits last week to Moscow and Kyve.

Portugal and nuclear weapons

PORTUGAL AND NUCLEAR WEAPONSAs a country fully committed to nuclear disarmament, Portugal shares most of the concerns of others about the lack of concrete steps on this by the major powers within the United Nations General Assembly.

Portugal and the Ukraine invasion

PORTUGAL AND THE UKRAINE INVASIONAs I published in my previous article 'R-U-UK IN RUSH? A MEGA-SHOW?' on Feb 18th, the real causes for this invasion are not published in the EU.

R-U-UK IN RUSH? A mega-show?

R-U-UK IN RUSH? A MEGA-SHOW?In the last weeks the media was focusing on the quarrel between R-ussia, the US and UK-raine. Rush for a war? NOT AT ALL! It’s a game, a show for those who do not access data or wish to avoid showing it.

Vaccinations alarmingly lopsided

VACCINATIONS ALARMINGLY LOPSIDEDPortugal is reckoned to be number one or two of the most fully vaccinated nations in the world, but there are serious concerns of a possible expansion of COVID-19 if vaccinations continue to lag so far behind in Africa.

Vaccinations up, infections down...

VACCINATIONS UP, INFECTIONS DOWN...After a slow start, Portugal is now ahead of schedule in vaccinating its citizens against COVID-19. "The goal of having 70% of the population of mainland Portugal vaccinated with at least one dose was reached today, before the initially planned date,” the Ministry of Health announced last Friday.