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The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is Tiggers are wonderful things!

THE WONDERFUL THING ABOUT TIGGERS, IS TIGGERS ARE WONDERFUL THINGS!More good news: ´Tareco´, a cat recently featured here on ADN, has now been adopted! Best wishes to Tareco and his new family, who adore him! Our Cat-of-the-week this week is ´Tikru´or ´Tigger´.

Smart, independent and playful - meet Marmelito!

SMART, INDEPENDENT AND PLAYFUL - MEET MARMELITO!Great news - thanks to ADN support one of the cats we showcased earlier this month, Mimi, has been adopted! Best wishes for Mimi and her new family. But there is no shortage of other beautiful cats available for adoption at ADAPO. Marmelito is just one gorgeous body hoping to be chosen....

A Home To Call My Own - Can I Share Yours?

A HOME TO CALL MY OWN - CAN I SHARE YOURS?This week Tareco and Maria are looking for the fur-ever homes. They are both neutered, fit and healthy.... and beautiful!

Mimi & Marmelada - can you offer one of these sweeties a home?

MIMI & MARMELADA - CAN YOU OFFER ONE OF THESE SWEETIES A HOME?ADAPO is a non-profit group, established in May 2004 in Olhão, with a mission is to improve the living conditions of the animals. It is dedicated to reducing the local feral population of cats and dogs by neutering and rehoming. Can you help?

StreetLife “It’s time to smile” Competition

There is STREETLIFE “IT’S TIME TO SMILE” COMPETITIONso much doom and gloom around at the moment that StreetLife decided it was time to try and generate a few smiles. StreetLife is looking for the best smiling dogs in the East Algarve. 

Animal Sterilisation Awareness Month: February

ANIMAL STERILISATION AWARENESS MONTH: FEBRUARYSOS Algarve Animals and StreetLife are “coming together” during February to tackle a problem: unwanted animals in the East Algarve.

A Shout Out For Help From Animal Rescue Association, APAA

SHOUT OUT FOR HELP FROM ANIMAL RESCUE ASSOCIATION, APAAAs you know, APAA does not have a rescue centre, but that doesn’t stop people contacting us when they have found an abandoned dog, often in poor condition. 

Vilamoura International School gathers 1.5 tons of food

VILAMOURA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL GATHERS 1.5 TONS OF FOODOne and a half tons was the amount of food that the educational community of the Vilamoura International School managed to gather in this Christmas Campaign. The food collection provided support to the “Refeitório Social de Quarteira”, to the “Associação Existir” and to the Algarve Network for Families in Need.