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Portrait & lifestyle photographer in the Algarve - Dori I am Dori and photography is my passion. I am based in the Algarve but am happy to travel anywhere in Portugal, or other countries just to capture your special day, special moments.

Collaborations are always welcome! So if you got a small start up business, blogger and you need help with pictures, feel free and contact me!

Algarve Art Magazine - Winter 2018We are delighted to launch the Winter 2018 Edition of our free Algarve Art! Magazine today.  The magazine is full of artists of all genres; wonderful and inspiring art, and lots of in-depth articles for you to read and enjoy.

Folk Dance Group Of Odiáxere - The Identity Of Our PeopleTo absorb the knowledge of our people and to understand the life they lived, helps us to identify with our culture. This heritage rooted in clothing, music and choreography led Mar d'Estórias to contact Luís Morgado, President of the Folk Dance Group of Odiáxere (Rancho Folclórico e Etnográfico de Odiáxere), to rediscover the daily life of the Portuguese people long ago.

MikeMike Markowitz, known as Little Mike, is the leader of the New York City Blues band, ‘Little Mike and the Tornadoes.’

On Saturday, September 29th the band will be playing and the second annual ‘Blues a Sul’ with the Associação de Blues do Algarve at the Club Farense in Faro, 30 Rua de Santo Antonio, at 22.00.

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