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A Sea of Creativity by GabrielaThe motto of Mar d’Estórias since its opening in 2016 has been creativity. Do you know why? Since the beginning, we have within our team the shop assistant Gabriela Rodrigues that is not limited to the management of the store of Mar d’Estórias. In fact, we have in Gabriela the creativity and imagination to transform our 4 walls with products in stunning showroom compositions; in presenting them in an original way and in making our selection a little more special.

Art Workshops and Courses with Gonçalo RodriguesArt Workshop with Gonçalo Rodrigues on Friday, February 23rd from 6pm to 7.30 pm. (and every last Friday of the month).
The workshop on 23rd will be dedicated to reusing forms, drawings and stains. Departing from previous work we will reach different and new results. Within individual and group work, the participants will be "challenged" to create something new departing from given impulses.

Kindertransport - The agony of separationIt was pre-war Nazi Germany and fearful Jewish parents sent 10,000 children abroad to face the challenges of an alien life in England. Diane Samuel's deeply moving play, Kindertransport, tells the story of the separation of one such young daughter from her adoring family. The play opens with Helga, the mother, trying to prepare nine year old Eva for leaving the only home she has ever known. 

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