An inspired story about the cowboy in all of us

 When Cowboys FallThe new book by Réal Laplaine, When Cowboys Fall, is a romantic contemporary fiction about a man, a very average dude, who finds himself looking at the shorter end of the road in his life, and not having achieved his dreams, faces the proverbial mid-life crisis.

Life Zest - a solo-travellers journey by campervan, on her way to find happiness

LIFE ZEST - A SOLO-TRAVELLERS JOURNEY BY CAMPERVAN, ON HER WAY TO FIND HAPPINESSThis is a truth-based story about Tika; a twenty-seven-year-old woman who is single, independent, minimalistic and happy.

“Weird Foods of Portugal: Adventures of an Expat"

“WEIRD FOODS OF PORTUGAL: ADVENTURES OF AN EXPAT"“Weird Foods of Portugal: Adventures of an Expat,” by Wendy Lee Hermance is humorous true stories of an American near-vegetarian trying to fit into Portugal, was recorded on January 19-21, soon to be available as an audio book.

NEW RELEASE - The 9th Divinity by Réal Laplaine

The 9th Divinity - a contemporary geopolitical thriller by Réal LaplaineA new contemporary, and not so fictional, geopolitical thriller by Réal Laplaine. Vladimir Putin has just met his match.

Learn Portuguese with Poetry, a new book by Rita Faria

LEARN PORTUGUESE WITH POETRY, A NEW BOOK BY RITA FARIAAprender Português com Poesia/Learn Portuguese with Poetry was published by Rita Faria, and it is available on www.amazon.com. The author, whose main goal is widespread knowledge and joy through her native language, is a translator, teaches Portuguese as Foreigner Language and is co-founder of the learning platform www.portuguesefromportugal.com.

Kat the Dog - The remarkable tale of a rescued Spanish water dog

KAT THE DOG - THE REMARKABLE TALE OF A RESCUED SPANISH WATER DOGA captivating and emotional story of survival and second chances. The book that shines a light on the plight of abandoned animals.

The Bedtime Book that Begs to be Read Aloud

THE BEDTIME BOOK THAT BEGS TO BE READ ALOUDOld Mother West Wind Tales is an updated version of the century-old classic by Thornton W. Burgess, rewritten in a lyrical and easier-to-read-aloud modern style, to be launched on May 15th.

Celebrating World Book Day: Portugal's favourite book genre

CELEBRATING WORLD BOOK DAY: PORTUGAL'S FAVOURITE BOOK GENRETaking place on the 23rd of April every year, World Book Day is a day to celebrate the joys of books and reading and to encourage reading enjoyment. But which type of book is most popular in Portugal?